This approach has its disadvantages and its critics. The book contains information not just on Zoroastrian practices and beliefs but also maps, a glossary, picture and illustrations, and a comprehensive history of Zoroastrianism in the myriad regions it thrived at. 0 0 vote. 1. The oldest Zoroastrian religious scripture, as preserved at present, is known as the Avesta. 49 An Illustration from Life (from Ignorance to Crime, from Crime to the Gallows). 454. Zoroastrian Books online download. 49-51 RESURRECTION OF THE BODY 52-53 The Memory of the Dead 54 Article Rating. Staff - February 26, 2011. ). (a chapter devoted to Zoroastrianism in Central Asia, that is rare! One disadvantage … Duties of a Zoroastrian Youth after his Confirmation--The Way to Garothman Behest (Heaven)--The Result of the Zoroastrian Philosophy 48-49 Incidents of Life where Religious Teachings are wanting . » Vendidad Sadeh & Pahlavi (pdf) Yasht. Selected) Avesta”. It is a cherished possession of every devoted Zoroastrian … This is the book of daily prayers of the Zoroastrians. Article Rating. 0 0 vote. By. A section of this Avesta is known as the “Khordeh-Avesta’ which means the “Smaller (i.e. The Yasht (yasht is commonly translated as worship) are hymns dedicated to Zoroastrian ideals together with the related angel (such as the ideals of friendship, the word as bond, and kindness, and the guardian of these ideals - the angel Mithra), and Zoroastrian concepts such as the fravashi. Despite its title, this book is much more than just a introduction. TAGS; Free Zoroastrian Books; popular book he assembles quotations found throughout Zoroastrian literature. Presented chronologically according to the source literature, they present the story of a religion in evolution. ... Vedic Elements in Ancient Iranian Religion of Zarathustra.pdf The Gathas.pdf Zarathushtra.pdf Zoraostrianism Ancient and Modern.pdf .