Because of the size though, you might not need a stand right away. It is also battery operated, which means that you can play anywhere that you like. So, what will it be? Required fields are marked *. There is a utility to the small size though. Both models have 61 pressure-sensitive keys, have 10 voices, 2.5w speakers, input for a sustain pedal and a weighs 4.5 Kg. We can, however, point you in the right direction. The NP32 has 2 6w speakers while the NP12 has 2 2.5w speakers. Among the main disadvantages is the lack of counterweight on the keys, the small number of voices and functions, however, do not lose sight that the idea of this keyboard is entirely aimed at portability. Ok. Price is technically a feature. The unweighted keys complicate that a little bit. To do this, we now invite you to read on for our Yamaha NP12 review. The standard is 88. Why does this matter? The main attribute of Yamaha NP12 is it’s designed for you to be fully concentrated on playing and practicing without other unnecessary features and controls to distract you. If you want a keyboard that has a different approach with a low cost we recommend you take a look at our guide to digital pianos and low-cost keyboards, on the other hand, if you are looking for a keyboard with the better performance you can review our guide to the best digital pianos and keyboards cost/benefit ratio. There are several options to purchase the Yamaha NP12, we recommend Amazon as they have a great logistics, there is the possibility of making a return, in case you are not satisfied with the product and also has the best prices in the market. Your email address will not be published. If you want to get the best price available, do not hesitate to press the button below: For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards: Hi! If you are just starting out, sixty-one might sound fine. The following paragraphs detail what we really like about the Yamaha NP12. In fact, it probably will be. The NP12 and NP32 are two Yamaha models that share virtually all functions, the two digital pianos are focused on portability, the main differences are: The NP12 has 61 pressure-sensitive keys and the NP32 has 76 pressure-sensitive keys. The NP32 is a clear winner as it is a keyboard with more keys and better sensitivity technology, it also has the benefit of sound power, however, if your focus is on portability or time of use with batteries the NP12 might be the best choice for you. Few companies do, in fact. The price makes it a perfect opportunity for beginners to get something that is reliable. You read the review, now it is decision-making time. Below is a video showing the two Yamaha models: The NP12 is the new version of the Yamaha NP11, both keyboards have functions in common, however, as expected the NP12 has better features, below are the main differences between the two models: As mentioned above, these two Yamaha models are practically the same, however, the NP12 is a clear winner in that it has better sound quality and lower power consumption, allowing prolonged use with AA batteries. About as basic as Yamaha gets. The NP12 is a keyboard focused on those who love the piano, since its functions are directed to imitate a piano, the simplicity in its design and its 4.5 kilograms of weight make it the ideal choice for those who wish to travel with their keyboard. To put it plainly, this keyboard is for people who aren’t sure about their future in piano. The NP12 has 64 polyphony notes, while the Go Piano has 128. It is exceptional value for money and with a few optional extras, it can be a powerful digital piano. In fact, with this keyboard, it is probably the main consideration. Buyers that have a little bit of experience are going to want a more intricate option. I hope you enjoy my website and that you find it very useful. If you are hoping for some performance value, you don’t really get that here. The board itself only weighs twelve pounds. Does that mean you shouldn’t go for it? The app simply makes it easier to use the board. We know this. Ok. Price is technically a feature. Yamaha NP12 Review – Conclusion. It is a crucial consideration though. Both models support 6 AA batteries, however, the NP 12 has an average life of 16 hours and the NP32 7 hours. Portability. In fact, with this keyboard, it is probably the main consideration. Most musicians are more comfortable with them. The interface is already fairly simple, but it is nice to be able to use an iPad as a display. With this keyboards simple layout, beginners can immediately sit down and begin to play. Your email address will not be published. The NP12 is a portable keyboard that has a focus totally directed to pianists since, in spite of not having weighted keys, it has 10 voices of which 4 are focused on the piano. Yamaha doesn’t really make keyboards that get much more affordable than this. To put it plainly, there are a lot of problems with this board. The Go Piano has 30 voices, while the NP12 has 10. Yamaha makes great keyboards. Best Violin Bows In 2020 – Top 10 Brands On The Market Reviews, Top 10 Best EQ Pedals For The Money 2020 Reviews, Best Portable Guitar Amplifiers In 2020 – Top 8 Rated Reviews. and the possibility of use with 6 AA batteries for about 16 hours. Before you read any more remember these posts with the best apps for when you finish reading this post: If you are looking for a digital piano for less than 200€, the Yamaha NP12 might be the best choice for you. The balance of the Yamaha NP12 is quite positive as for less than 200€ it offers you 61 pressure-sensitive keys with a pretty good sound, sustain pedal input of only 4.5 Kg. Eventually, though, you do grow out of that stage. There is also an issue with the sound quality. It isn’t really gig-friendly. Internal recorder with capacity for 1 single piece. They don’t make cheap keyboards. The Yamaha NP12 is a rare exception to that rule. One thing about musicians is that you can get in a dilemma of practicing in privacy or … Both models can be used with AA batteries, the Roland Go Piano has an average battery life of 6 hours, while the Yamaha NP12 has a maximum battery life of 16 hours. The layout is very simple and clean, giving this Yamaha a minimalist look. It’s also handy if you are in the position of needing to bring your own keyboard to lessons. The board features an IOS port that allows you to connect your device to the keyboard. Unlike the PSR-E363, the NP-series comes with a smaller feature set , though it does include both keys that look more realistic (emphasis on “look”) and a slightly modified sound set. Budding musicians, however, are in luck. Portability is one of the main features that Yamaha advertises with the NP12. Just issues that crop up with any board in this price range. Weighted keys also just play a little bit better. This is a big problem that you find in keyboards of this price range. And you should. Do you feel a little lost with so much information? For those looking for a keyboard to learn to play the piano or to move and use it with batteries, the NP12 can be an option, especially if they are looking for a keyboard for less than 200€. Both models have an option for a sustain pedal, USB. For the price, that is somewhat to be expected but it is also a little bit disappointing. There is no denying this board is basic. The Roland has a black and white LCD screen, while the Yamaha has no screen. The interface only features ten buttons, thankfully for beginners, it’s a far cry from most other work… In acoustic pianos, each key has a unique weight to it. Though you don’t own an acoustic, you should be able to play one. We can’t say. This means that beginners are not burdened or discouraged by a complex interface. The Yamaha NP12 offers an excellent opportunity to get a good product at an outstanding price. No, not at all. The sound of the NP12 is of great quality, its voices are clear and perfectly imitate the piano, strings, etc. Copyright text 2020 by Buscarinstrumentos | Digital Pianos Full Reviews, QUICK GUIDE! That means that if you take to the piano, you will need to replace this unit eventually. It has it all and it is great for beginners. I'm Jaime Echagüe, a musician and an authentic fan of musical instruments. Graded Soft Touch technology, which … This entry level board will not be for everyone. For best results, you will probably need either headphones or an amp. See also: Best Midi Keyboard. And it actually is quite portable. As a result, the musician feels a small amount of resistance when they play the notes. Both models have the option of using AA Batteries, however, the NP12 has a maximum duration of 16 hours, while the NP11 has a maximum duration of 6 hours. In terms of connectivity, the Yamaha NP12 is well suited for a user who is focused on playing music as a hobby or intends to use the keyboard primarily for practice, however, connectivity is limited for those looking for a keyboard made for music production. The dimensions ensure that it will fit on a table, or desk. Below is the official Yamaha video, where you can appreciate the sound: The following video shows a funky improvisation, using a NP12: For its price has “enough” connectivity, because it brings MIDI so you can connect it to the computer and record MIDI tracks while playing, which can then be exported directly to the music sheet with a single click.