In tune with the mood of the city, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov celebrated his 53rd birthday last week with an indoor party where the country’s political and cultural elite were pictured singing and dancing without taking any visible precautions against the virus. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world. In a July survey, 74% of Russian doctors said they didn’t trust the official statistics. While some states have consistently seen Democrat or Republican victories, other “swing states” have flipped between the two parties depending on the year. “This is the logical next step of the virus, which we have seen in previous pandemics. Hundreds of thousands of Moscow’s small businesses have also said they are unable to. Vlassov believes the country is now paying the price for the government’s abrupt end to quarantine in May and the subsequent rhetoric that “downplayed” the risk from the virus. First Person. the region is approaching an “Italian Scenario,” a reference to Northern Italy, one of the world’s worst-hit areas by the coronavirus. Lockdown-weary Britons mock corona-killing mouthwash study. A. by the Kommersant newspaper found that the Novosibirsk and Altai regions are also running out of beds for Covid-19 patients. Until then, Alexei, the doctor in Kalmykia, expects his region to be in for a “very rough ride.”. In other regions, overworked medical workers have been quitting en masse, with some saying they did not receive the promised financial bonuses for treating virus patients. Medics working in hospitals across Russia’s regions described severe shortages of hospital beds and medical staff. Test 2 Check what you have learned from Grammar Lessons 5-8 and Phrasebook Topics 5-8. While Russia’s official death count of 26,269 places it 43rd on the global list of deaths per capita, Russian and Western demographers have cast doubt on these numbers. his 53rd birthday last week with an indoor party where the country’s political and cultural elite were pictured singing and dancing without taking any visible precautions against the virus. Spelling. He called the recently reignited conflict a real “tragedy” that affected many families on both sides. The entire Rostov region officially reported only 9 coronavirus deaths on Oct. 12. Russian peacekeepers are seen in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region on November 15, 2020. This time, the virus has a wider reach across all ages and social classes,” Vlassov said, adding that while Russians were afraid of the virus in spring, now it is harder to urge them to take precautions. In a video widely shared across Russian social media last week, dozens of bodies wrapped in black plastic bags line the walls of a decrepit basement in a hospital in Barnaul, the capital city of the Altai region in Siberia. In contrast to the first wave, less than 30% of all coronavirus cases are in Moscow, and the capital has so far managed to avoid the shortage of hospital staff and beds it experiences for a short period during the spring of this year, two doctors working in hospitals in the city told The Moscow Times. Still, Putin said that maintaining the balance of power in the region was just as important as putting an end to the conflict. Be warned, if you are trying to stay away from alcohol, Russia is a terrible … Putin called the return of refugees to the war-ravaged region a “very important” and “very sensitive” issue, adding that the Russian peacekeepers deployed to Nagorno-Karabakh have been entrusted with monitoring this process. Our exclusives and on-the-ground reporting are being read and shared by many high-profile journalists. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. While local officials were quick to say the patients had not died because of any medical errors, they admitted that 13 patients had died from the virus in the hospital on that day. “The deceased Covid-19 patients were being stored in the basement of the hospital due to a shortage of pathologists and an increase of coronavirus infections and deaths,” the region’s Health Ministry said in a statement on Thursday, confirming the authenticity of the disturbing footage. Tens of thousands have been injured or maimed,” Putin said. The Russian culture has historically praised proper manners and good-naturedness, so it follows that they have a word for someone who’s poorly behaved toward others. Critics have argued that restrictions were eased to boost the public mood ahead of two important political events that had been rescheduled because of the pandemic — a historic referendum on constitutional changes that allowed President Vladimir Putin to run for further terms in office and Moscow’s Victory Day parade to mark 75 years since the end of World War II. The brave visitors that had the courage to go and visit this place have … Buddhist region near the Caspian Sea, currently has the highest rate of infections per capita in Russia. The regions are being hit harder than Moscow this time around. At the Central Clinical Hospital in Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth-largest city, around 80 employees have quit since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Novaya Gazeta reported. Russia’s health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor on Saturday sounded a further alarm. We recommend you the best Russian course, with 150 videos and personal tutor. Instead, Russian uses the preposition y (at) followed by the genitive, plus the word есть (is/are), plus the possessed object at the nominative.