I think it would work quite well. Don’t sow seeds directly into your containers – germination and development will take too long. 4. 10. Sungold: 6-12 feet tall plant provides bountiful sweet golden orange cherry tomatoes. If you want to go with an heirloom variety, black cherry tomatoes are a good and flavorful option. Growing Cherry Tomatoes. Let me quickly tell you a bit about some of the best cherry tomatoes to grow in pots – Tiny Tim: 1 foot tall dwarf plant with a cluster of tiny tasty tomatoes. 3. They work well in small containers 5 gallons or less in size. Overall, cherry tomatoes were made for living life in pots. I had a lot of success with Sweet 100, which is a hybrid. SuperSweet 100 is an indeterminate plant with regular leaves. One nice thing about the SuperSweet 100 is that it’s a cherry tomato of a perfect size for your mouth, at about 3/4″ to about 1″ in size. In fact, they average out to about less than 2 feet tall when fully grown. Plant Plants, Not Seeds. VIDEO: Harvesting Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes | Growing plants in containers | TheCramers (TheCramers) VIDEO: Harvesting Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes | Growing plants in containers ... We were just testing planting in containers as we didn’t have a big space. So, a 5 gallon container is the minimum, and a 10 gallon will have your plants thanking you. Fertilizer for Cherry Tomatoes Author: TheCramers / YouTube. Its fruit is very sweet and low in acidity, making them the ideal for people who have heartburn and other acid-related health issues. When planting vegetables in pots, one of your main considerations should be the size of the pots. I have mine growing in the ground, but I think they’d grow fine in a large container … This variety of cherry tomato is super short in stature. Dwarf cherry tomato varieties mature at under two feet tall. Plant purchased cherry tomato seedlings or seedlings you’ve started indoors. This short height makes the Sweetheart cherry tomato ideal for small containers. Cherry tomatoes do best when given enough room to grow. (I even have a few 20-gallon pots for the cherry tomato plants that get very large like Blondkopfchen.) But if you want to maximize your yield and minimize your effort, you’ll want to keep reading for some step-by-step tips for growing cherry tomatoes on your patio or deck. Terenzo F1: 16-20 inches tall plant produces compact red cherry tomatoes, easy to grow. This was a success and we will be planting more next year. While I haven’t grown SuperSweet 100 in a container (yet!) 9 Simple Tips for Creating a Bountiful Cherry Tomato Container Garden Photo credit: ©ArenaPhotoUK/Bigstock Choosing a Good Pot Size.