What a bike!! Hell of a bike for the money, fair play to Suzuki. I fitted a double bubble screen which makes high speed a bit more comfy, hugger, radiator cover, a fender extender (front of engine/downpipes used to get pretty mucky, but then all modern bikes are built like this now aren`t they? All the GT kit makes the bike great for some mile munching, but there's just one drawback........the seat. What more could I ask for. All in all this is one of my favourite all round bikes in 20 years for commuting and fun and ease of use. Having had a K2 GSF1200S for just over a year, I've just traded up to a K8 1250 Grand Touring and have put a few hundred miles on the clock in just over a week. After riding for 35 years I have a pretty good idea what bike I want, and after narrowing it down to 2 bikes, this one ticked all the boxes. - But its powerful engine and new attractive design will keep it in line with Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR 150. Done 1200 miles to date, and have found it a joy and fun to ride. seat needs gel pads and change grips to gel type or suffer old 1200 a lot better package k2 onwards.. had sports bikes since 2000. last bike gsxr k7 loads of extras what a tool but comfort wise for me agony after 50 miles. what a bargin bike. My wife enjoys the rear seat comfort which stops her slipping forward unlike our last bikes. My 'S' model was such a good and efficient all-rounder that it actually had very little character, the stealth-mode standard exhaust not helping matters. I agree with most of the comments made in the MCN review, except how do they arrive at these MPG figures? The seat is rock hard and I find my arse is numb after about 1 and a half hours. I average about 48 -50 mpg on a run. I've just bought a 10month old 'streetfighter' K7 1250, its every thing i want from a bike and the torque is unbelieveable- 35 to 150 in 6th??? The only complaint is the noisy engine at idle. What can I say. Replacement aftermarket seat makes all the difference. It's taken me on the Iron Butt/RBLR 1000 and to Budapest and back for the weekend without a single issue. My other half retired from riding pillion and being a tad older wanted something a bit smaller, with some 'stonk' and also a capable long distance summer tourer for my yearly trips to the Alps and later Spain. Though this bike gets the same engine as GSX-S150 but this one is more comfortable. Brakes are more adequate , than more than adequate. what can i say mistake no way.i can now do easily 150 miles in 1 go in pure comfort. Bought the 1250GT as a company bike in November 2009 to replace an unreliable BMW R1150RT. Buying experience: Bought from a dealer price was £5300 I paid £4700 the bike was 1 year old with 450 miles showing. Better than previous bandits but still should be washed regularly and garage if you want it to stay pretty. Overall its a great bike, egnine is strong, gearbox is good. I will look fior another 1400 sometijme in the future. Service costs are cheap if you do the minor services yourself 50-100 pounds. Handling is a lot easier. Double bubble screen is a good extra. (Ah well, maybe next year).. Best feature is it's torque, and the worst is the seat. I blast about the Welsh valleys and even in all this shit weather it's as sold as a rock. The difference was amazing in torque, suspension and smoothness. This summer We shall be using it for touring,(I think it's up to the job). finally plucked up the courage to sell it and purchased bandit 1250 streetfighter. If you are looking for comfort, economy and just a bit of style, I think the bandit 1250 really fits well. Some paint is flaking off the rear wheel and I regularly have to tighten one mirror, but I can easily live with these little moans having such a fantastic bike for the cash. 845898), for the SUZUKI GSF1250 BANDIT (2007 - 2012), Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit motorcycle review - Riding, Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit motorcycle review - Side view, Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit motorcycle review - Engine, Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit motorcycle review - Front view, Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit motorcycle review - Rear view, Read more about the full SUZUKI Bandit range. I left it in this afternoon ( tuesday 1 Apr )for its 1st 500 mile service. Service myself oil and filter. For £5549 MCN considers the Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit to be a bargain – its even cheaper than its Honda competition the CBF1000F. have to live with my mistake now as I lose too much money trying to get rid the new bike. Granted it don't run with the Busa, but it is far more comfortable. The sales man told be I should get 40 to 45 mpg which was OK. Big, big torque! The only things I have to complain about is the fairing which is a bit flimsy and too noisy. Fantastic bike!! Good headlight and excellent who's make it great for miles. Only had bike for one month, torque is brilliant and smooth on long hauls on Australian roads and the engine is never working hard either. Yeah I agree the seat is the only thing on ths bike you could complain about, after about 50mi. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 The new bike has the predictable handling of the old bike, but gives a much better feel for the road, and inspires more confidence. Read what they have to say and what they … Equipment is fine - it's got a clock, two trips and a dubious fuel gauge. A great all rounder. Comfort is fine but needs a higher screen if you are tall. Will go all day but numb bum sets in around 100 miles. Why anyone would spend more on a bike I dont know. Away from the lights it'll stick with anything due to that torque. As an inter-city commuter machine it would be hard to top for the money, but as a weekend fun machine I found it disappointingly bland. Plenty of power , good acceleration, for the type of bike , any gear torque ,great for motorway speed cruising. Could have went faster though. But no. The Suzuki Bandit 150 can be considered as a competitor to the Yamaha MT-15, and the 2020 model features new colours, although the engine and mechanicals are the same. At or slightly above legal limits you'll easily get 50+ MPG and at licence losing velocity it will still return mid 40s. Bike is best ridden hard but also a smooth ride with a pillion. fantastic machine and for the price what a bargain. The riding position took me a whille to get used to because I'd only ever ridden sportbikes before, but now feels perfectly balanced and neutral.