This common fabric is travel-friendly and wrinkle-resistant, but it also resists moisture, making it less than ideal for hot summer weather. What’s The Benefit? $4.48 per mini charm pack. White sheer fabric is ideal for a summer wedding dress. Stay on trend with the best quality see-through fabrics from a plethora of European manufacturers! Add to Cart Add. Sheer Fabric Collection. Add to Wish List. Our exclusive backing set includes 7.5 yards of Summer Sweet fabric, backing pat ... Price: $80.48 Sale: $80.48 per backing set. Summer Fabric #4: Lightweight Wool. From simple linen trousers to a gorgeous lightweight summer jacket, 100% natural linen is an essential fabric to prevent you from overheating in hot weather. Vinyl. This natural fiber allows air to circulate & move freely through the fabric, which makes heat more bearable. Includes 42 2.5" squares . You’ll often find it in sportswear and summer dresses. Add to Wish List. Generally, fabrics take the name of the fiber used to manufacture it such as fabrics made out of 100% Cashmere Fibers is named as Cashmere Fabric. such as Organza fabrics were often … Where to Wear it? Cotton. In hot summer months, the difference between a pleasant day out and discomfort in the heat may depend on the lightness of your clothing. However, certain fabrics although uses a particular fiber 100% or uses a blend of different fibers may be termed otherwise and are named depending on weaving patterns, texture, and the processes, etc. Price: $4.48 Sale: $4.48 per mini charm pack. Woven from slub yarns on the warp and weft, its rustic appearance embodies the nostalgia that the summer season brings. Another summer fabric that’s best avoided is polyester. Rayon was invented as a cheaper alternative to silk, and as a result of its delicate fibres, it is more breathable than most summer fibres. Rayon is a man-made fabric that is created from the cellulose extracted from trees, and is a blend of cotton, wood pulp, and other natural or synthetic fibers. Summer Sweet MINI Charm Pack Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics . Consider lightweight Chantilly lace, tulle or silk organza – these are just unsurpassable. Cotton is perfect for all climates, which is why it’s widely worn & loved. Many of these fabrics are also used for wedding dresses and other formal wear. Add to Cart Add. The slick wet look of vinyl has its place and time, but with a synthetic profile that’s also waterproof and ideal for upholstery, it’s not exactly a great choice for summer clothing. Wear this in dry heat or humidity, too. 1. Just like with cotton, there are many different types of wool fabric. Light, airy and characterised by the distinct texture, linen is a fine choice for hot weather attire. Here are the best breathable summer fabrics to keep you cool! Summer fabric Don'ts: Polyester. While the fabric is highly stain-resistant and durable, polyester is also a sweaty person's nightmare in summer. Everything from worsted flannel and tweed, which are perfect for cold weather, to tropical weight wool that breathes like linen. The wool used to make a tweed suit might be 300-400 GSM, while a "summer weight" wool would be closer to 200 GSM. $80.48 per backing set. Many lightweight fabrics are breathable, durable and retain color well.