Chile Chilaquiles. Cut last night’s meat or chicken into strips and soak them in Hatch chile salsa. Get the Hot Cheesy Corn Dip recipe from Averie Cooks. 6. A Green Chile Barbecue Sauce So Good, Acclaimed Pitmaster John Lewis Bottled It. In large heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine tomatoes, onions, red peppers, vinegar, (Within that there’s also an entire world of regional sauces, which you can read up on here.) Hot Cheesy Corn Dip. Green Chile Barbecue Sauce. Chorizo Green Chile … For the sauce, mix your chopped chiles with salt, pepper, honey, and lime. You can remove the seeds from the chilies if you like the sauce to be less spicy. Averie Cooks . A Green Chile Barbecue Sauce Recipe From Pitmaster John Lewis ... from the dry and wet pork ribs beloved in Memphis to the chopped whole hog barbecue served with a vinegar and pepper sauce that dominates North Carolina’s coast. Grilled Hatch Chile Pimento Cheese Sandwiches. Get the Grilled Hatch Chile Pimento Cheese Sandwiches recipe from Confections Of A Foodie Bride. Ingredients: 1 16-ounce jar Zia Hatch green chile sauce, found online or at Whole Foods 1⁄2 cup white vinegar 1⁄3 cup yellow mustard, preferably French’s 4. Peel and finely chop them to use in the recipe. Check the recipe . Eater - Patty Diez. This green chile sauce gets its mild kick from fresh Anaheim chiles--long, slender, pale green peppers. Turn your leftovers into a delicious dish! You can also make a green chile sauce to pour over your burger. 5. Ginger & Garlic – These two ingredients add a great flavor and much-required heat along with green chilies. You could add Hatch red chiles too, for more heat. Get the White Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce recipe from Damn Delicious. A Green Chile Barbecue Sauce Recipe From Pitmaster John Lewis. The United States’s barbecue belt stretches from the Carolinas to Texas, Kentucky to the deep South. 19. Confections Of A Foodie Bride. Green Chillies – You can use any green chilies, that are easily accessible to you. The chile sauce pairs well with chicken or pork; you can also serve it as a snack with baked tortilla chips.