INGREDIENTS. Raffaello Coconut Balls – Easy to make and nice sweet dessert with flavor of coconut blended and crunchy almonds! Click as you complete steps . 99. Insert an almond in the middle of each confection. Refrigerate for few hours before serving or keep them in the freezer in an airtight container. 1 cup of white chocolate chips (preferably small or miniature) For the frosting. 99. 4.5 out of 5 stars 161. 1/4 cup coconut milk. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); And of course you’ll need to top it with white chocolate- coconut flavored frosting or cream, to resemble the delicious and decadent Raffaello chocolate taste, therefore the coconut extract will be the other important ingredient when making these Raffaello cupcakes. 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter, at room temperature 1 cup dry milk powder 3/4 cup dried shredded coconut 1 cup crushed vanilla wafers, (sugar wafers with the cream in the middle, not the round thin cookies) 1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract 1/4 cup roasted almonds 1/2 cup dried shredded coconut for rolling Dessert cups are all the rage! google_ad_client: "ca-pub-4340042646896867", ... 1 cup chopped white chocolate. 1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream. How to make Homemade Raffaello Coconut Almond Confections: Where do I store these Raffaello Coconut Almond Confections: Your email address will not be published. Mix it together and let sit for few minutes until the coconut absorbs the milk. // Km Dessert Cups with Lids and Spoons 5OZ Pack of 100 - Clear Tumbler, Plastic Parfait Cups, Tasting Appetizer Bowls, Tall Square Shooters Shot Glasses Mini Dessert Cups - Great for Event and Party. Other homemade presents: Romanian Homemade Chocolate Bars with Cocoa ... Place 200 g/ 7 oz/ 3 1/3 cups of the desiccated coconut in a bowl. You can also offer a variety on your dessert table and make a dessert buffet! Top each cupcake with a chocolate, sprinkle with coconut flakes and enjoy. Roll each confection in the shredded coconut until covered, then place it on a candy paper. Recipe Converters Raffaello Mousse Dessert. coconut extract . Raffaello Cheesecake. Add the sweetened condensed milk and stir well. You will also need Raffaello chocolates and coconut flakes for decoration (optional) Directions 4.6 out of 5 stars 234. I love having ready cake mix stand by, in case I have any unexpected guests coming on short notice or when the kids ask for something sweet on an extremely busy day. In a bowl, place 2 cups shredded coconut and add the entire can of condensed milk. This is a great bite-size no bake dessert recipe which will surprise your guests! Mar 26, 2015 - Explore Silvia's board "Raffaello", followed by 199 people on Pinterest. powdered sugar (confectioners sugar) 1/2 tsp. Raffaello cupcakes. // ... Dessert Recipes. Simple and delicious bites of coconut taste. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 10. enable_page_level_ads: true Making the frosting // Add the sweetened condensed milk and stir well. powdered sugar (confectioners sugar), You will also need Raffaello chocolates and coconut flakes for decoration (optional), Prepare the cupcake batter by simply following the directions on the box, Add the additional ingredients (coconut flakes and white chocolate chips). Stir in 2 cups of coconut flakes. Really simple, quick and delicious dessert idea, with ready cake mix. Place in the fridge for 5-10 min. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. Also add the vanilla or the almond extract. How To Make A Breakfast Savory Bread Pudding (Strata), Chicken Marbella From The Silver Palate Cookbook, How to unsubscribe from receiving Notifications, 2 cups (190g) cups organic unsweetened shredded coconut, 1/2 cup(50g) organic unsweetened shredded coconut for rolling the confections on it, 1 can(14 oz)(400ml) sweetened condensed milk.