Community public health nursing is not entirely different in nursing practice with that of clinical nursing confined in the four corners of the hospital. Community Health nurses work in Community Health Centers. According to the American Public Health Association, public health nursing is defined as "…the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences. Disease prevention, vaccines, STD and infectious disease follow-up can be challenging. Entry-level public health nurses earn an average salary of $50,273 while more experienced nurses earn $63,432. She also volunteered in health programs in Latin America, including the Pan-American Health Organization’s Healthy Communities program. (I’d like to preface this response to make you aware that my answer generalizes these professions and vary from state-to-state, County-to-County.) Home visits are part of the job, but so are clinics and education. Public health nursing is having an entire community or segment of it as your patients. A comparison of clinical nursing vs. hospital nursing can provide perspectives on how each setting can shape a nurse’s responsibilities. I'm a nursing major, but after graduating school and everything I really want to travel the world and learn more about the health in 3rd world contries and such more than working in the hospital. I'm really torn between public health & nursing. Hospital Settings, Skills, and Salary APRNs in hospitals help patients with complex needs, including life-threatening injuries and illnesses. "Instead of being stationed in a hospital or clinic setting, public health nurses reach out to patients in the community. Thatcher previously worked as a public health nurse in a local health department, as a care coordinator in a primary care practice, as an inpatient nurse in a hospital, and as a rural outreach nurse to Hispanic migrant farmworkers. The occupation’s national median salary is $58,227. What Is a Public Health Nurse? 1. In an era of increasing challenges for public health, nurses have the potential to make a dramatic difference. A example would be working at a health department. The American Public Health Association defines public health nursing as, "the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from nursing, social, and public health sciences". Public health nurse salary information depends on nurses’ location and experience. Both clinics and hospitals offer opportunities for nurses to specialize in areas of care that interest them. Master of Public Health . Back to Master of Public Health ... Clinic vs. hospital nursing: Common roles.