(2018). The jobs requiring this certification have increase by 225.83% Registered Nurses looking to get into the field of Psychiatry are setting themselves up for a nice long career with stability and financial security. Things like level of education, place of employment, location, and experience will affect salary. Much like any other specialty, the Psychiatric Nurse is trained specifically in the care of the patient diagnosed with a mental illness. If a nurse wishes to teach mental health then this will require an advanced degree which brings me to my next career path point to offer up for the brave and courageous. We’ve identified six states where the typical salary for a Psychiatric Nurse job is above the … Testing information is regularly updated to meet educational and industry standards, and we are regularly expanding our portfolio of exam and certification preparation offerings. Psychiatric Nurses with this certification earn +34.87% more If you're unsure about what salary is appropriate for a psychiatric nurse, visit Indeed's Salary Calculator to get a free, personalized pay range based on your location, industry, and experience. At the heart of each of these caregivers is empathy, compassion, patience and most importantly the ability to work within an environment that is considered high risk, high stress and extremely demanding on the mind and emotions of the caregiver. Much like the Medical-Surgical nurse and other nurse specialties, Psychiatric-Mental Health nurse salaries vary from region to region and state to state. Visit PayScale to research psychiatric nurse (rn) hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. I personally have not ever relied upon statistics to understand exactly what my potential is given the volatility of the rates and the vast differences in the areas served. To get a better idea of the different wage opportunities that exist visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Board Certified Registered Nurses are considered the elite when it comes to a specific area of care and career path opportunities for these individuals include some of the following: Charge Nurse, Nurse Manager, Executive Director, Chief Nursing Officer and various other officer positions in an organization. The BSN (Bachelor of Science) trained Psychiatric-Mental Health nurse is expected to be more marketable than the ADN (Associate Degree) registered nurse as acute care hospitals expand their services and become more Magnet driven. However, once employed, the ADN and BSN trained nurse fall within the same pay scale. Was the years of experience information useful? Psychiatric Mental Health nurses can work in various behavioral health settings including but not limited to: Acute Care hospitals, Designated Stand-Alone Psychiatric facilities, Outpatient Acute Stabilization clinics, Emergency Rooms, Home Health and Hospice Care, Outpatient clinics, Partial Hospitalization programs, Long Term care and Skilled Nursing facilities, Board and Care Homes, Sober Living programs, Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Correctional institutions, Academic institutions, and finally State Psychiatric hospitals. I wrote extensively on the salary ranges for the Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse in a previous blog here at Pocket Prep and will provide my research findings in this post as well for you to consider. Our test prep solutions start at just $9.99 per month. To get a better idea of the different wage opportunities that exist visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. References By virtue, mental illness is a disease process that is not accepted and acknowledged as a disease in many populations and cultures. Registered Nurse. The average salary of a psychiatric nurse is $57,703 in the US with a range of $45,790 - $80,143. 1,032 Psychiatric Nurses job openings on indeed require this certification in 2012, it increases by 1032 in comparison to previous year.