Use a cutting board as a pizza peel. These five alternatives each have their own advantages, but most are already in your kitchen and produce pretty perfect pizza with ease. What can I use as a pizza peel substitute? Or finding some other kitchen items for a makeshift peel. It’s the best metal pizza peel in terms of size as it’s spatula boasts a dimension of 14-inch and 16-inch which can handle slightly larger pizzas. It's usually made of wood or sometimes metal and is also called a pizza shovel. Author Topic: Pizza peel substitutes (Read 656 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. I'm really still very new at this bread-baking thing, so I hesitate to say it, but I may have discovered a tolerably good and low-cost alternative to a pizza peel! Professionals season their wooden pizza peels with flour or cornmeal to keep the pizza from sticking to the wood. Both wooden and metal pizza peels are thought to each have their own advantages and disadvantages. So I've tried … Wood can burn or warp and become stained; metal is thinner, but may transmit heat easier. Editor’s Pick – The Best Product: Kitchen Supply 14” x 16” Aluminum Pizza Peel With Wood Handle. I realized last-minute that even my rather large spatula (roughly 6"x6") was just not going to transfer these little babies onto my baking stone. High quality durable and lightweight stainless steel and aluminium pizza peels, made in Italy. Cook the pizza in a frying pan. Use parchment paper to build and transfer the pizza. Use a rimmed baking sheet flipped upside down. Making A Homemade Pizza Peel. Still, I have a bunch of those wafer thin … The Kitchen Supply Aluminum Pizza Peel has a square-shaped spatula suitable for easy insertion and retrieval of pizzas in a hot oven. Silly of me. Maybe like 19 cm. 1. A pizza stone helps your hot oven stay hot and produces a cracker-crisp pizza crust, but it isn’t the only kitchen tool to get similar results. Pizza peel substitutes « on: June 15, 2020, 06:23:25 PM » Hello all, So I bought a small pizza peel that's like 24x25 cm but counting the zone that the handle is, it's really small. Cornmeal is the traditional choice of Italian chefs, but you can substitute rice flour or semolina flour if the taste or texture of cornmeal bothers … Check out the full range below and ensure it is safe and easy to place and remove pizzas from your pizza oven! There are many different styles, shapes and length of pizza peel available to suit your own shape and depth of oven. You don’t need a pizza stone to make great pizza at home, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! A metal … A pizza peel is a large, flat shovel with a long handle used to place pizza in an oven and remove it when it's done. See my article 7 Kitchen Items To Use As A Pizza Peel Substitute. GI Metal Peels. Registered User; Posts: 44; Location: Bulgaria; I Love Pizza! High Performance: Neopoletana, Azzurra Standard/Professional: Alice, … miv. Such as using parchment paper to transfer the raw dough to the oven. If you are caught short without a pizza peel then there is a few tricks you can use. Today I tried making pizza for the first time. Use a serving platter as a pizza peel. Use a stiff piece of cardboard as a pizza peel. The term "seasoning" your pizza peel may be misleading to the inexperience pizza chef, because it actually doesn't involve any spices or seasonings. Use a rimless cookie sheet.