Feel free to call too…360-856-9134. I hate to piece on this machine. Thank you in advance for your help! I am new to sewing and quilting and have the same problem with my Pfaff 1199 not liking thicker seams. There are some good youtube videos that demonstrate the 4.2 and I think the 5.0. So, all in all, the Bernina is the machine I like least, and it was more expensive than all of them except for the Janome. In fact it’s a rip off hence the reason many people have to have two machines because Bernina can’t do it all and neither can juki. Love from England, Muv, Thank you for a very informative and interesting article. My Bernina is 17 yrs. $50 later, it came back with the same tension problem and a new feed dog issue that it wouldn’t feed fabric straight. Did you sell this machine? I sewed on that for 20 years at least made everything from baby clothes to jeans, suits, wedding gowns and quilts but I wore it out! I bought a Bernina 770 QE May of 2015 to piece and quilt. I don’t know if this is a good move or to just stay with the sensormatic. There is nothing I hate more than suffering from buyers’ remorse! The factors are; Stitches; The number of inbuilt stitches on a sewing machine is very crucial. The topic of today’s “Let’s Talk” series is sewing machines:  What kind of sewing machine would you recommend and/or do you currently use? Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday! The harp is quite large. Let’s Talk: Sewing machine recommendations, My Lincoln Stars quilt pattern is on sale in my Et, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So, the Futura is now gone, and in replaced it with the Janome 3160. Hello! I hear that it pieces very well. I called the dealer and all he did was scream at me over the phone. Oh nevermind, Stef…I have kept reading and have seen your further comments.. I’m sure your pfaff could be repaired especially if you live in America There isn’t much to the tension dial it should be and easy fix. . I use it most of the time, but when quilting turn it off. 1. I just bought a Pfaff Performance 5.0 since my other Pfaff has been such a good machine, I wanted another Pfaff. If this is the Bernina Simply Red machine, it’s a good machine but with very few stitches. It has the embroidery function which I was not interested in but got a good price on the machine since it had been used for classes in the shop and that version was being discontinued. I sew every day love the built in walking foot it has sewed over everything I have made.I paid a little over 1700 for it 3 years ago I think. My machine is a Viking Designer I. She’s a good machine except now that I’m quilting again I wish she had a much larger harp space. I just saw you mentioned singer. I own a Bernina 430 Aurora and I am with you, that this is the best machine for your money. I am a longtime sewer and quilter and have been so impressed with the quality of this machine. I was very interested in hearing about your sewing machines and the Hello Julie, & quilting. I have waffled on a bit (or maybe a lot) but one becomes quite passionate about life with a Bernina, but I don’t know how they will compete with the other brands which have introduced larger harp space. Along came retirement and my family bought me a white cant remember the model ( I still have it but im not home so I cant look) That machine is a workhorse. After several weeks, I ended up with the Bernina 440QE. It is a work horse and has a wonderful stitch. I don’t need fancy stiches. SO, I vowed that as soon as Bernina came out with a new series machine that had the above functions, I would trade in the Pfaff. You get what you pay for and Pfaff is quality. But so what, it was still worthwhile! It is a mechanical, non-computerized, heavy-duty machine and it weighs a ton. It was a key … There is a vast selection of feet which are included, they have thought of everything for the quilter, it has a great 1/4″” foot which covers up most of the wide feed dogs and even a straight stitch plate is included. Your opinion, do you think the nesting might be a tension issue with the bobbin? I use the walking foot for in the ditch quilting and the quilting/darning foot for free motion quilting. Here are my criteria for sewing machines… I want to get a machine that more harp space than 7-8″, can applique without bobbin thread constantly showing and can sew an accurate 1/4″ seam, and has an autothreader that can deal with monofilament thread without constantly having to re-thread. God Bless you man. My mother has a vintage Italian made one with the cams. I did not think it was possible to wear out a Bernina, but I think I have or it just needs re-timed. It is pleasant to sew on, as despite the size the design is open and everything is easy to see with good lighting. I am so disappointed with Bernina….if I only could get my money back! For example, Pfaff Passport 3.0 is a newer version of the Passport 2.0 model. I was a little disappointed with this machine and after owning it for a year and a half, I just sold it on eBay. Five years ago I spent about 500 for my used Viking. I reckon I’ll be selling mine, but will hold onto my 440 for many years! I love my Bernina sewing chair, too. It is a "computer" machine but was not babied at all. I bought this machine online for $800. It was her wedding gift in 1906. My Babylock is about 14 yrs. I have a Bernina 801 from 1982, a Husqvarna/Viking Orchidea from 1995 and a Bernina 730 from 2006.