Otter trapped in a cage, predicts anxiety and excitement. If you see a dead otter, on the other hand, be prepared to experience a break in your relationship. For a woman, to see the dream where an otter brought naked and blind cubs with her, it means that very soon she will get pregnant and in the future will be a caring mother. The otter dream, moreover, serves to remind us of the possibility of strength that we have to handle our emotions without breaking. If you were fighting with an otter in a dream, you will face cunning rivals. The dream of killing an otter indicates a holiday would be beneficial for you at the moment. River otters can signify that we need to feel more at home in life. Deceased otter spiritual dream meaning and symbolism. Upset. Watch their habits, their close calls with predators and much more. As I know most of you have not got much time, so I have specifically made it a lot easier for you and segmented the dream interpretation into various questions which are outlined below. Otters swimming in muddy or standing water, promise a lot of trouble, a series of tests, through which young couples will have to pass. The otter is known for its excellent swimming skills and easily adjusts itself to its environment, you have the same skills inside you. Otter Dream Meaning A successful marriage, favorable changes in intimate relationships, financial stability is promised by dream books to everyone who happened to see a swimming otter in a dream. SUMMARY. A disheveled and evil animal indicates the presence of detractors in your inner circle. Bewildered. A sea otter signifies exhilaration and cordiality. If you had a dream about otter in general, this dream is a positive sign that brings you a lot of things to be happy about. The cleaner the place on the river is, in which the otter was seen, the better the feelings of lovers will be renewed. Envious people are looking for weak spots in order to immediately put pressure on them and take advantage of the dreamer's helplessness. Uncover spiritual secrets today by watching my videos on YouTube. Each dream interpretation is carefully crafted and researches deeply by me - so I do hope the can take the time to read what your otter dream can signify. Dreaming of several otters diving and sporting in water are symbolic of happiness and good fortune in your future. You may encounter someone who promises to be helpful to you in expanding areas of your life, but you are determined to make sure you represent responsibility, creative intelligence, and honesty. Lonely people should think about the family hearth, home comfort. You are at your best when surrounded by family and people who love you. If you fight back in the dream, then this implies that you are likely to face difficult times in your life. Dreaming of an otter represents your nature. Prepare for troubles, problems and cares. Otters are symbols f family, friendship, hard-work and imagination. A general dream about seeing an otter implies that you are encountering a period of good luck, positive relationships, and happiness in your real life. If otter in your dream was swimming in the water, then this dream is a representation … If the otter comes to you as an animal totem, then it means that you are a curious person. Often when otters appear in our dream it is directly connected to our own spiritual connections of the animal spirit guides. Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. Fragile relationships risk falling apart, and on the contrary, a strong family will withstand any misunderstandings. Wisdom is part of what people born with an otter spirit possess and they acquire it through their adventures and being an extrovert. Dreambooks guarantee that early marriage will definitely be happy. Surprised. Otter Dream Symbolism. You’re probably wondering what this all means in regards to your dream! Everything you start at this moment is going to be successful and fruitful. You are navigating through your emotional life with ease and joy. The otter spiritually in old dream dictionaries is quite expansive it is usually a symbol of friends, mental health, and enemies and the deeper interpretation, of course, the way the otter is demonstrated in a dream will depend on how your dream is presented to you. It could be that you don’t like your job or are just tired of your day to day routine and you need a hobby that is “out of the ordinary” to excite you. Otter trapped in a cage, predicts anxiety and excitement. You don’t need a dream psychologist in order for you to understand your dreams, every symbolism such as the otter will mean something to everyone. If this animal was in the water, then there is a focus on wealth, family matters, friendships, health, and enemies. no, it doesn't mean that you are going to achieve something big in life, but it does mean that you are a very strong person in your waking life. The otter playing in the transparent waves of the sea promises the appearance of a patron who will solve a heap of accumulated problems at once. Historically if we delve deeper into the otter family tree this animal has been with us for over 30 million years. If you have a dream of dead otters, and it is not just one, it is two otters; this could be because you feel like a relationship you were in has completely died. This is why you will always be great at gaining a solution. Otters have been part of our lives for many years. In other words, the vision is letting you know that you are navigating through your emotional life with ease and joy. As an otter, you do adore children and will go an extra mile to make sure that they are protected. This is a sign that you can easily adjust to whatever circumstances present themselves. You tend to be satisfied with the way things have happened in your life and you are contented with the most essentials parts of your life. ISBN-13: 978-0691018317, The Dictionary of Dreams: Every Meaning Interpreted 1st Edition Especially, in the face of a tricky situation. Curiosity on the negative hand can make you focus on short-term goals rather than seeing the “bigger picture” in life.