The Trinity Supplementary Application Form must be completed and returned to Trinity as follows: The Clerk to the Governors Trinity Church of England High School Higher Cambridge Street Manchester M15 6HP. ��vö^R�]P EW���9�M���(�>_֬�|2uu�K���S��d� F�#�@�¨���^kہWd:5P��?k�/n�ߋ��?��\ !�K !�c��g=����6\��cc���7��ՔI�ׂ6ߦ���^�k�~��m�y�c���Q�����ˍ�6�a���=��f@r��{�:i�4.�iÁ�!*�nd�O�u��! 2010-12-20T14:10:08Z DARE and HEAR applicants must have applied to CAO Supplementary Application form for 2021 Admissions . Secondary Transfer applications for 2021 entry in Year 7 - the application window has now closed. Adobe InDesign 6.0 Once a student has confirmed their acceptance, via email, to the Admissions Team a copy of their letter will be circulated to their tutor and all relevant academic and administrative offices. Note: Students who miss this cut-off date may apply in the same way as newly entered Junior Fresh students i.e. Applications from EU and non-EU students wishing to study as a visiting student for up to one academic year should be submitted online. You can save your application and return to it, but remember to submit it when you're finished! / ���>1E�VM��h�9Ub���$�zl�&szN����s����^���ñ��q[⦍���Ŭ��9T��H���Msd��޼M Rxprh���?���f���+��"ǣ���O^'`!8>+6iCZ�թeD������H�^���iezJF����y��qK��,��Q1�0,��a��Hlj�~67[h��1,��~���c�a&,;�=���W�C!�!/M�C]��a��S¯�ğ"�W� Therefore no consultation with academic units takes place regarding requests in this category. financial supports). Adobe InDesign 6.0 Important Note: Drama, Medicine and Music all have special entry procedures and require application before 1st February so that they can be included in these procedures. HEAR applicants must have submitted relevant evidence in support of their application to CAO. False Schools and departments must not enter into individual arrangements with transfer applicants. adobe:docid:indd:7aeb048f-7cd5-11dd-ae04-f7ed19d54714 A place may be deferred for one academic year only. Academic Registry Watts Building Trinity College Dublin 2 Ireland, View the contact page for more contact and location information, Study > How to Apply > Making an Application > Undergraduate, Do you know if you should be making an application to Trinity directly or through the Central Applications Office? Applicants who have been given permission to defer entry must not in the intervening year: If you do so, the deferral will lapse and you will then compete for a place in the normal way. We feel that a campus visit or interview (whether in-person, by phone, or via a video call) with an admissions counselor is the best way to determine if Trinity is a good fit for your college experience. Applicants are assessed on the basis of the total qualifications presented (i.e. 8 September 2020 - applications open through UCAS. / Only at this point will the Student Record File be updated. 250.00 Decisions in this category are made at the same time as the publication of the CAO Round One Offers. 15 January 2021 - Deadline for UCAS applications. The initial appeal must be submitted in writing (either email or hard copy) along with any relevant supporting documentation to the Admissions Officer who will review the appeal and respond to the appellant. Recently Revised Court Forms. Closing date for registration for the HPAT-Ireland test for entry to Medicine. Proposed Michigan Court Forms Committee agenda items published for comment. Students who are off-books for personal or academic reason should register in the normal way. ڈ. t�����-�{�Z�9��5�z+�h�O��wǾ5�^�͡�/����u�8�4�+�k�[���`�䷒O~�^��M~����h�[�h�[�Ց_j#?�D����_�������Š��K�^�^���u��c\xq�b$N/F��b��Y�^*ɏg�sw�RH/z)�?�^ In order for the form links to work, you must be signed into your Trinity Google (T-Mail) account. EU or non-EU students who withdraw from Trinity after 1 February should apply for re-admission through the Academic Registry by 1 August of the proposed year of re-entry. A stamped ($2), self-addressed envelope (Size: 9″ x 4″ or 22cm x 10cm) for sending the demand note for payment of examination fees. The application form provides a space to name an agent (usually a parent) who may communicate with the Applications and Admissions Team in Trinity's Academic Registry on your behalf. Closing date for applications to sit the University matriculation examination. You can assess your status, and your application route, on our, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Determining EU/Non-EU status (Undergraduate),, Asylum Seeker Access Provision Scholarships. if a student withdraws from College. Failure to attend without prior permission from the TAP office could result in the HEAR place being withdrawn or in the withdrawal of other potential post-entry supports (e.g. The names of unsuccessful applicants are retained in the event of a place(s) becoming available e.g. DARE applicants must have completed and returned sections B and C of the Supplementary Information Form Signing Forms for Approval: In the event that obtaining an approval signature in ink is unreasonably difficult due to time or logistical xmp.iid:5E1A8E65142068118F62D13A0664195C This payment must be made online following the instructions on the application form. 1 0 obj <>]/PageLabels 6 0 R/Pages 3 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream So you've decided that Trinity College Dublin is right for your undergraduate career. Successful applicants must complete at least two full academic years at Trinity in order to be eligible for a degree from Trinity. Applicants should note that there is a limit on the number of deferrals that can be granted and therefore deferrals cannot be guaranteed. Applicants in this category will be assessed in consultation with the school(s) or department(s) concerned, on the basis of the total qualifications presented. Inches Alternative Paths to Trinity. l*��^n6�Y=�D��mA�geq��;�������Kh�L+��p`�˲/�Id&zn�$�Iv�o��^���|F�� ��b���,k�jHn�#���*̑�Z�5�;���۟�k��`IG��Ae�{��6 @ufgyP�0������嚴e���� �N�Z��z��r4jêY���s�6�k](]����ؕ1�U����$O��~t� �_��$_�;j��!���ZҒA�PdUS�ȁ�_�7�� �X�Ų�Ie] Consultation with academic units does not normally take place when this category of applications is being assessed. xmp.iid:5F1A8E65142068118F62D13A0664195C Adobe InDesign 6.0 2010-12-20T14:10:10Z Advanced entry is admission to the second or a subsequent year of a full-time undergraduate degree course. TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN ADVANCED ENTRY APPLICATION FORM An application can be created in Trinity's portal in a few simple steps. Decisions school leaving results and third-level examination results). There are many different ways to come to University and Trinity encourages applicants from all backgrounds and circumstances to apply. Advanced entry may not be granted to the final year of an undergraduate degree course. Apply by selecting the 'Non-EU Application' link under the course description. Trinity will notify the applicant of the decision in writing. DARE applicants must have disclosed their disabilities and/or specific learning difficulties in their CAO applications, and fully and correctly complete Section A of the Supplementary Information Form. Note on electronic forms: Please fill out all forms on your computer before printing, so as to minimize any chances of legibility issues. The deposit paid will transfer to the deferred year and applicants do not need to re-complete the application form in full. changes to the order of preference of the courses on your application) to CAO. Once you have submitted an online application, you will be sent an acknowledgement email to the email address you provided when setting up your user account on the applicant portal.