The Reaper is the hotter pepper at approximately 2 million Scoville Units. Grow it at home if you really like it hot. A Naga - Ghost Pepper é conhecido por muitos nomes diferentes, incluindo: Bhut Jolokia, Bih Jolokia, Ghost Chili, Raja Mircha, Ghost pimenta ou Naga Morich. Heck, the pepper spray used by the U.S. military registers only around 2 … I've grown pepper plants in the past, but this year (after pushing my spicy food tolerance higher and higher) I'm finally venturing into growing super hots. Aribibi Gusano, Aji Charapita, Naga Morich, Carolina Reaper Yellow, Fatalii Chocolat, Monkey Face, Fireflame - what would you do with these? In fact it is currently the official hottest pepper in the world. The Carolina Reaper is said to be a cross between Sweet Habanero and Naga Viper chillies. De acordo com as medições feitas, a Carolina Reaper apresenta uma ardência média de 1.641.183 unidades na Escala de Scoville (mínimo de 1.400.000, máximo de 2.200.000). *VOMIT WARNING* Darth Naga, Ted and Danebear take on the NEWEST GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOTTEST PEPPER! u/schoscho. As the title suggests, I'm trying to decide between Moruga Scorpions or Naga Morichs to grow this year. Naga Viper Peppers. And, the crossbreed may have an Indian connection, too. A Carolina Reaper (Capsicum chinense) foi desenvolvida por Ed Currie, da empresa PuckerButt Pepper Company, a partir do cruzamento de outros dois tipos de pimenta: a Habanero e a Naga Bhut Jolokia. Posted by. Growing Super Hots: Moruga Scorpion vs. Naga Morich. The Naga Viper was created by … Close. The next pepper on the list, the Carolina Reaper pepper -- the former Guinness World Record World's Hottest Chile as of 2014 -- pales in comparison with its 2.2m Scoville rating. The Naga Viper chili pepper is a hybrid of three different chili peppers – the Bhut Jolokia, the Naga Morich, and the Trinidad Scorpion. The Naga Viper has been rated at 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), according to tests conducted by the Warwick HRI Mineral Analysis Laboratory, UK, in November 2010. Archived. Originalmente da Índia, ele é conhecido mundialmente pelo nome de Pimenta Fantasma (Ghost Pepper em inglês) que certamente tem muito mais força. 10. Naga - Ghost Pepper. 1 year ago.