Bastard, middle, and rough come after. A mill file can also vary in tooth configuration to suit different cutting applications. UPC: 037103216878. It also features two square edges. File Mill Bastard Cut 10 Inch The Nicholson Mill File is single cut on the sides and edges. Rapid Ship Ships in 1 to 4 business days. File blank, a steel blank shaped and ground ready for cutting to form a file. A mill bastard is a type of wood file. Single cut. SKU: EFDA-2051. The tooth configuration is known as the cut of the file, which refers to how fine the teeth are. Nicholson 21687 6 Inch Mill Bastard File With Handle. 6" – 10" long. I like smooth finish files, as they seem to work (push through the work) a bit easier than a bastard cut file. 1000803622. All sizes of Nicholson Mill Files taper slightly in width. Same number of teeth as mill bastard. File cutter, a maker of files. Cross-cut file, a file having two sets of teeth crossing obliquely. Used... read more $ 7.99 $ 9.39 + − Add to Cart. Nicholson. Bastard cut is a term used to describe the coarseness of the file. +++ It's simply "bastard" as a mill-file, sometimes millenicut, is a different grade of cut. Same number of teeth as mill bastard. Mill Files (Bastard Cut) are two-sided flat files featuring a single bastard cut pattern as well as a rectangular tapered point for detail work (Two square edges). I have always used the standar mill files (bastard cut and single cut) from Home Depot (and other hardware stores, and this has left me wanting to find other models to use in the shop. Cant Saw File — Triangular cross section. They are designed to cut metals rather than wood. Bastard file, a file intermediate between the coarsest and the second cut. It is a general purpose file that may be either single or double cut, with the most common flat file being the double-cut bastard file. Add to wish list. Mill files bastard cut american pattern lgth 10 inches Rectangular shape, single cut on sides and edges, 2 square edges, all sizes taper slightly in width. A bastard file falls between a coarse file and a fine file; it provides a finer, more-polished edge than a coarse file, but removes more material and hones an edge more quickly than a fine file. Second-cut file, a file having teeth of a grade next finer than bastard. Cut sizes are identified by name, which from smoothest to roughest, include dead smooth, smooth, and second cut. For sharpening M-tooth crosscut and circular saws, as well as saw teeth less than 60°. 6", 8" and 10" long.