Lewitt LCT 340 are probably ones of the best overhead mics in the industry. But do not be surprised! The omnidirectional capsules are not included in this particular kit. The snare is in the center. Finally, MTP 440 DM is far crispier than the SM57. This reference kit is more than enough for a quality studio production and any live performance. From upscale studio projects to big live acts, the DTP BEAT KIT PRO 7 provides the reliable premium gear you need for a memorable performance. Compared to most instruments, recording drums can be challenging. DTP 640 REX – $399, DTP 340 TT – $105 x 3, LCT 340 – $629 x 2, MTP 440 DM – $119. Adam Jones of musicradar wrote a revealing review of the DTP BEAT KIT PRO 7. Review DTP Beat Kit Pro7 Tested by the Electronic Musician. This makes them very effective in the mix for tom toms and percussion instruments in general. Then there lie four dynamic mics, three supercardioid DTP 340 TT and one cardioid MTP 440 DM. But what about the attack of the DTP 640 REX? This pattern helps to eliminate the bleed while increasing their feedback resistance. Its condenser component goes as low as 20 Hz and remains incredibly clean yet powerful… enough to shake the walls! The pad attenuators are very flexible too; you can adjust for 6 dB, 12 dB and 18 dB depending on how close they are to the source and how loud is it. So yeah, don’t you ever buy this kit! The MTP 440 DM is tailored for your snare drum, guitar amp, or wind instrument. Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 is a stunning quality premium set of drum mics that beats pretty much anything in the $1,000 range. MTP 440 DM may be an inexpensive mic, but comparing it to a Shure SM57 is like comparing a Cheops Pyramid to a pile of dung, or sort of. It's perfect for anyone looking for a high-performance kit that allows for reproducing authentic, powerful sound full of detail in any setting. We’ve organized nothing less than the biggest microphone shootout ever - the relaunch of the LEWITT Sound Booth! It’s not as bright and hyped as most other mics, yet still gives you lots of detail and clarity. Not only are the mics incredibility crisp, they also boast having a very accurate low end and mid-range. At the same time, the mic takes advantage of the proximity effect for achieving a deeper and more substantial sound. This gives them an advantage over the more common electret condensers as being a bit more flexible. Lewitt DTP 340 TT’s are dynamic tom tom mics with a supercardioid pattern. It can be used for something like double bass or bass cabinets but first of all it is a kick drum mic, so let’s talk more about its performance in that vein. My final thoughts on the Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 are pretty short and simple – they’re great! You can switch between three sounds for more flexibility for studio and live applications. The DTP 640 REX is a dual-element microphone designed to accurately capture the sound of your kick drum. The midrange is far more stable and so is the low end, which also extends a bit lower. Want to shop at a local store? The result is a beautifully clear and perfectly honest sound. Make it sound great. Five DTP 40 MTS rubber shock mounts, three for the toms and two for the overheads. Last year we have reviewed the Audix DP7 in a similar price range and it was great, but the DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 obviously beats it hands down. I’m just kidding… For the price they are selling it, I think it’s a no-brainer. Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7; drum microphone kit comprising of 1 x DTP 640 REX, 1 x MTP 440 DM, 3 x DTP 340 TT und 2 LCT 340 (with interchangeable capsules, omni and cardioid); inlcusive: LCT 340 OC, microphone mount for drums, microphone mount, microphone clip, windscreen, 5-pin audio cable for DTP 640 REX and protective case