If it has cut on all sides but tapered front it is called a warding hand file. Thanks for subscribing! The file can among other things be used either like a flat file in  smaller tighter spaces or to create 90 degree cuts. 89 $32.99 $32.99. the narrow sides of the file do not have a cutting pattern. As part of our files range, we stock the professional Bären needle files. As mentioned files are exactly like pliers you can never have too many and you can literally buy yourself silly in different styles, types, cutting grades etc. In needle files, the shape of a flat file has made variations, including warding, equalling, round-edged pillar, and crochet files. a thicker flat back that tapers to a fine edge. Use the largest file you can for the job, depending on the surface. Hand files are about 4-10 inches long, and can be used on a wide variety of jewellery making materials. We do not sell or share your information with anyone. Perform detailed work with these file sets, which fit into the smallest holes, grooves, and slots. Flat straight tip file with cutting pattern on the two largest flat surfaces and one edge. Most often the files is has a tapered tip. Choose a set of coarse (0) and medium (2) or fine (4). Kathy's Finished Jewellery can be purchased, Local: 604.549.8899 | Toll Free Outside the Greater Vancouver, BC area: 1.877.713.3870, 24/7 ONLINE - Phone Hours 9-3 PST Sunday-Friday, Local: 604.549.8899 | Toll Free Outside the Greater Vancouver, BC area: 1.877.713.3870. If you look at the cross section of this file it looks like a flat diamond shape with 4 sides all sloping from the center to the edge. Our files can be used for watch repairs as well as jewelry repairs and jewelry making. There are a couple of other trades to look for: files with more or less the same cutting pattern i.e. The purpose of filing is to remove excess metal. File sets that include a barrette, a square, a half-round and a flat file are easy to find, but you may not need all of those shapes – or you may need them in different sizes. The Warding file is basically just a very thin flat file with a tapered point and cutting pattern on all sides including the thin sides. 4.5 out of 5 stars 490. The higher numbered files have more teeth per inch, and take off less material, leaving a finer finish. For metalsmiths it's a given that an excellent long lasting file is a must. Enter your name and email below and we'll make sure you are the first to know when anything new and exciting happens on the site. Amazon carries a less expensive set of needle files. For Jewelry work there are the traditional files that are used on the softer metals like silver, gold, copper etc. Handmadejewelrytips.com Copyright © 2015. As a minimum I recommend you get a good set of quality needle files with all the popular shapes like flat, half round, round, square, triangular represented. Your credit card information is never stored on this site, and your purchases are protected by an SSL Certificate. All sides except the top of the back have cutting pattern. Looking for the build plans for a Jewelers Bench? Otto Frei and Rio Grande offer them on their website in packs in the desired shapes. Hand files are about 4-10 inches long, and can be used on a wide variety of jewellery making materials. A flat file has (you’ve guessed it) a flat surface and is used to file larger, flat areas of metal, to straighten up edges, and to work on the outside curve of a ring. This tip is normally tapered to a point. Proper filing can eliminate a lot of work in the later stages and can also extend the life of your files dramatically. Similar this file could be used to clean out or shape an oval object.