Keep this sword on your wall. One good thing I can say about this sword is the weight and balance. Official HBO Licensed Product © 2014 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The sword will impress people and look great hanging on a wall, but will NOT hold up to closer inspection of admiring eyes. I\'d like more VS products, but this makes me hesitant. After so long in darkness, the world was so sweet that Jaime Lannister felt dizzy. I study German Longsword fencing, so naturally, I played around with this a little bit. The Oathkeeper is currently in possession of Brienne of Tarth, thanks to Jaime himself, and it is somewhat fitting that he now has Widow’s Wail. The official source for Game of Thrones news, Entertainment Weekly revealed that the filming on the pilot episode of the Game of Thrones prequel, Bloodmoon, has “quietly begun” in Northern Ireland. I do hope that Valyrian releases a scabbard for this sword; it'd make a great addition to a cosplay outfit. We really hope the ‘Bloodmoon’ requel series lives up to the hype. The first approved prequel series to the show had begun the early stages of production recently, with the working title of ‘Bloodmoon‘. Blade Material: Stainless Steel For domestic purchases we offer the full range of UPS shipping options, prices will be provided during checkout. A great piece to admire on the wall AND/OR to take down and show off a couple of the Kingslayers moves to your friends! Nothing Valyrian, probably something castle forged with Lannister gold. With Jaime Lannister starting to look like one of the good guys of late, maybe, just maybe, we will see Widow’s Wail on the side of the Starks, too. Jaime initially received the sword as a gift from his dad, Lord Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance). Plaque: Silkscreened wood with Lannister sigil. This is an official Game of Thrones® licensed product. Widow’s Wail was one of them, and the other was none other than the Oathkeeper! Goan. Site Copyright © 2008-2020 Jalic Inc. All rights reserved. A couple other reviews here have said that this sword is less sturdy than they had hoped for, but the pieces of the hilt and pommel fit together great on mine! However, in the show, Tywin states this is the only Valyrian steel in their house. The gripped section of the hilt has whatever adhesive they used smeared about, very sloppy. Cersei's twin brother and the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, it was he who slew the Mad King in violation of his oath to protect the royal family. He could hear birds singing, and feel the river moving beneath the boat as the sweep of the oars sent them toward the pale pink dawn. I love it! SPOILER ALERT! Jaime lost his sword hand to Roose Bolton's henchman, Locke, along the way. We have had enough spoilers to have the great battle sequence all figured out by now, but just today, we have been graced with a new piece of information, which might not affect the great battle plot but still is a vital development. All in all, you\'re paying for a mirror polished blade and hbo stamp. Bloodmoon is expected to air in late 2020 or early 2021. It includes a display plaque and a certificate of authenticity. Maybe Jaime can finally make up to Bran. The pilot will decide whether the show gets picked up for full production. All the other products I've bought are of high quality and I'd recommend them. I have bought 4 swords, 1 scabbard and the dragon glass. This replica sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. Even after swinging the sword around as fast as I possibly could, not only did it all hold together, but there wasn't even the slightest hint of a wobble or rattle from any part of it. Lotta wiggle where the handle and crossguard meet. #GOT7, — Dri.noceronte (@AdriBilbao1) November 22, 2016. Tell us in the comments, below! It arrived the other day, and overall I'm pleased with it, but this piece could be better. Editor at Wiki of Thrones.