TOMATO - ISIS CANDY … The fruits are about 11/2 inches, growing in clusters of six to eight. Qty. Loyalty Points: 70. Fruits are 3/4" accross, round, gold colored w/red streaks. Usually, they have a "cat's eye" at the blossom end. A winner of many taste tests. ... Plants grew well through the heat and produced an abundance of yellow-red swirly round fruit. Typically, a 'cat's eye' star of yellow appears on the blossom end of fruit. Write a review. Add to Cart. OP. Your Price $3.75 $3.50: Pack * Availability: In Stock ... Tomato plants should be grown in a warm areas and receive plenty of sunlight, so choose a sunny spot in your garden. Isis Candy Tomato (75 Days) 2. Older plants can usually tolerate some damage, but smaller plants … Delightful, 1" round, yellow with red tinge and marbling. Native Area: South America USDA Growing Zones: 3–11 A candy sweet, productive, bicolored gold/red cherry tomato... 67 Days. (VE) Very early varieties, usually less than 68 days from plant-out to ripe fruit. Plants are loaded with trusses of 6-8, 1″ round fruits. Typically a cat's eye star of yellow on one end of fruit. The flavor is sweet, fruity, and rich - … Isis Candy Cherry (Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Isis Candy Cherry') This is a sweet and fruity cherry tomato that comes in different shades with blushed patterns on them. Isis Candy Cherry tomato produces a delightful, 1-inch round, yellow with red tinge and marbling within the gold flesh. ISIS CANDY - Small Oval Cherry; matures red and yellow bicolor; Cherry Leaf; Mid Season (70-80 days); delicious; Uses: Prolific; Indeterminate; S.lycopersicum. The delicious sweet taste is rich and fruity. Rich, fruity flavor. Tomato : Isis Candy Cherry. Live Tomato Plant $4.00 Sold Out For The Season - Add to Wish List An essential ingredient for all cherry tomato … A favorite "candy" treat with kids and adults alike. Of all the bi-colored tomatoes that we have trialed, this is the best. Favorite candy treat with kids. Isis Candy Tomato pk/20. One of our most requested varieties. Herb plants, seeds and rhizomes for medicinal, culinary and other uses like natural insecticides and fertilisers (information provided where available). A gorgeous bi-color cherry tomato with a beautiful cat’s eye starburst on the blossom end. (EE) Extremely early ripening varieties, ready to pick in only 45-60 days from planting. Isis Candy Tomato pk/20. Your tomato plants need night temperatures consistently above 50º F. (E) Early ripening variety, with 78 days or less to ripe tomatoes. Indeterm. A beautiful bicolored gold and red cherry tomato with a candy sweet, fruity taste. $ 1.95. Bi-colored 1 1/2" fruit with golden and reddish pink marbled skin grows in clusters of 6-8. The delicious sweet taste is rich and fruity. A true beauty! SKU TM181-20.