[2] They quickly found Tezzeret and attacked him by using a small device created by Saheeli Rai. This resulted in direct combat with Glissa. Tezzeret was born, after the Mending, to scrapper parents, neither of whom cared enough for him to even name the boy. He spent upwards of six months tracking Jace, thirsting for his blood after Jace fled the Consortium. He is in middle age, with a lined, weathered face and long hair bound into ragged dreadlocks. He far outshone his rich and pampered classmates, having developed an appreciation for not wasting any materials. In the aftermath of the War, Niv-Mizzet declared Tezzeret to be one of the three planeswalkers guilty of assisting Bolas, and Ral Zarek was assigned to track him down and kill him.[2]. Using his superior knowledge of artifice and cheating with magic, Tezzeret nearly killed Pia but was attacked by Chandra Nalaar before he could. Truth be told, Stony Silence is brutal against you, and unlike Affinity, which has a bunch of creatures and that can still attack, this deck has a bunch of artifacts that can’t activate. He broke into the vault to access the Codex Etherium for himself, the sacred tome said to contain Crucius's teachings. Tezzeret leveled an ultimatum at Jace after this failure, and when Jace willfully failed the next mission, Tezzeret began to dream of Jace's death, seeing him as an enormous waste of Tezzeret's investment. Okay, so right off the bat, let’s get one thing straight: This deck is weak to both Blood Moon and Stony Silence. At the age of eleven, Tezzeret had stolen a total of 200 grams of etherium, most of which he had hidden beneath his skin and hair. Listing the weaknesses of the Gatewatch, Baan stated that the weakest link of the group was Chandra Nalaar, due to her impulsiveness. After arriving on Mirrodin near Lumengrid, a vedalken servant of Bolas injected him with a serum that made him immune to phyresis. Legendary Planeswalker — Tezzeret. Liliana, with the Chain Veil, managed to overwhelm him and asked him where Bolas had hidden. What was normally accomplished in seventeen years, Tezzeret accomplished in a mere five. Blue Black Tezzeret Improvise Standard* TheElectricMoon. The new Tezzeret, the Schemer is weak in non-dedicated decks and almost certainly worse than Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas in artifact-centric decks. While pursuing his goal of escaping his father, Tezzeret also rose in the ranks of the various Tidehollow gangs. I would also not be opposed to more Fatal Pushes, or even just adding more green to the main deck to play Abrupt Decay or Nature’s Claim. His grisly act had never been discovered, and yet he was still looked down upon. Tezzeret is primarily blue-aligned, but secondary in black mana. Tezzeret is primarily blue-aligned, but secondary in black mana. Cards like Engineered Explosives or Pithing Needle or Nihil Spellbomb could just be blanks at times. Not wanting to be hunted further, Tezzeret showed mercy and gave Ral his damaged etherium arm to provide proof of the kill. Ral and The Wanderer destroyed all of them but the leader, Grokk. Tezzeret's first planeswalk, from Esper to the Grixis shard. Tezzeret apprenticed to an artificer immediately after leaving the cesspools of the Tidehollow. I like to keep my eye out for new cards, and the 4 Whir of Invention in Ben’s list are pretty… inventive. Reuniting with his own minions, the gargoyle Brokk and the homunculus Krzntch, he reoccupied his fortress in the clouds, the Seekers' Sanctum. Hekara was killed by a Bolas-possessed Lavinia. He worked his way closer and closer to Karn until he sat at his right hand alongside Geth and Glissa. He betrayed each of them, having hired a troop of barbarian mercenaries to hunt the pair. Frank Lepore has played Magic for over 20 years, in which time he has made a name for himself as a proponent of unconventional decks. He knew, as well, what Jace would do next. His father was abusive and his mother was a prostitute who had grown too old to ply her trade, and she would remind her husband of this at virtually any opportunity. Killing Nicol Bolas. Nicol Bolas soon arrived, unaware of Tezzeret's capabilities in this plane, and began to demand answers of the artificer. Here, he used a piece of sangrite and the multitude of scraps of etherium left in his body from childhood to empower himself. Nevertheless, it is still possible to Engineered Explosives or Ratchet Bomb a Blood Moon, so at least you’ve got that going for you. He found his etherium cache but learned that his secrets weren't safe anymore. Tezzeret uses Pia Nalaar to attract Chandra. They escaped with their lives, but just barely. Modern Monday: Blue-Black Tezzeret. Liliana confronts Tezzeret about her real plans in Kaladesh. The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Kaladesh. Tezzeret is a male human planeswalker, born in Tidehollow on the shard of Esper (Alara). As Tezzeret had incorporated the Planar Bridge into his body,[18] he could function as the conduit from Amonkhet to Ravnica for the invasion of the Eternal Dreadhorde during the actual War. The next day, he began to help his father salvage metal from the cesspools. He shaped the etherium into a device that would inject the powdered sangrite directly into his heart, gaining unbelievable powers which he used to teleport directly to the Labyrinth and defeat Renn horribly. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolashas always been a fascinating planeswalker with powerful abilities that was continually shy of finding a competitive home. It was this trait that earned him his journeyman status so early, and with that, he gained more access to the etherium he desperately needed. Plans within plans! There was actually a second player who won their States with Tezzeret, Thomas Bauer, but the lists are slightly different. Tezzeret lost this duel against Jace after they planeswalked to Kamigawa, and his mind was utterly obliterated. His trespass was not ignored this time, and the artificer was caught by the guards who brutally beat him and attempted to kill him, accidentally triggering his spark in the act. As soon as she left, a terrible fight broke out among the assembled walkers, and it ended with Bolas apparently victorious. You have 1 copy of Engineered Explosives in the main deck that could deal with Stony Silence if you happened to have a basic land in play. In pain, Tezzeret revealed the dragon's location as Amonkhet, the plane where Razaketh, one of the demons she had sold her soul to, dwelled. This army could only have been orchestrated by Renn, stinging from Tezzeret's treatment at the Sanctum. It’s not a bad call, as you will always have relevant targets for it in a game, but it is rather boring as Signatures go. However, Tezzeret managed to escape with the core of the portal intact. [20] There he was informed by a gloating Tibalt, who had witnessed the end, that Bolas was dead. Nicol Bolas reveals that pitting Jace against Tezzeret had been Liliana Vess' plan all along, and Bolas had agreed in order to regain control of the Consortium that Tezzeret had stolen control of twelve years before. In the next few weeks, your wiki will be migrated to a Fandom.com domain. Only when Bolas personally arrived to reprimand his servant did Tezzeret obey.[8]. Under his loose robe, much of his chest is replaced with smooth, flexible metal, and his right arm is a twisted cage of metal struts, ending in fingers like talons. She had become possessed after Tezzeret had placed a device on her neck.[16][17]. Chief among these contradictions are Jace and Liliana believing Tezzeret to be dead prior to the events of Kaladesh,[11] and Jace having not seen Liliana between the events of Agents of Artifice and Catching Up.[21]. Safely aboard the boat, Tezzeret knew who had set the trap, the only person who could have done it: Jace Beleren. Of course, that was the goal, but first, they had to return to the Sanctum Arcanum and his old rival Silas Renn. He sought to be a master at manipulating magical artifacts as opposed to the more mundane artifice that he had already mastered. The portal inside Tezerret's chest exploded, which lead to the larger portal that Eternals were actually walking through to implode and collapse upon itself. Jace broke free of his prison though and attacked Tezzeret once more. The Wanderer revealed that she feared what Tezzeret might become, now that he had become untethered from Bolas. [7], While tending to the Planar Bridge, he was greeted by Liliana and her Zombies. But in the end, it is revealed that Tezzeret knew about Bolas's secret trap. With no choice, Tezzeret retreated back to the Worldheart Chalice. Tibalt had hoped to feed on Tezzeret's pain over his master's death, but he couldn't be happier about it. Transported back to Tidehollow, Tezzeret attempted to acquire some form of currency. Tezzeret planeswalked wildly, falling through the Blind Eternities without guidance.