Basic Information; Beliefs, Symbols, Holidays. Since Sikhism has never actively sought converts, Sikhs have remained a relatively homogeneous ethnic group. MAJOR UNIVERSALIZING RELIGIONS CHRISTIANITY Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with just over 2 billion followers. Mountains and rivers don’t move! ! Universalizing vs. • Seeks to appeal to all • = mostly proselytic • Truths apply to all!!!! 1 Questions & Answers Place. 10 points for the best answer!! by BoggelTeam Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Bahai is based on two people. The variety in the Christian religion is immense, from the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches to the Protestant Churches found in Northern Europe and in many portions of the United States. • tied to life of founder, humans can move, relics can too! Religion Quiz / Ethnic or Universalizing Religion? Find answers now! Bahai doesn't take the Qur'an literally. Is shamanism a Universalizing or Ethnic religion? Forced Order. Ethnic religions are mostly crowded together and appeal to a certain ethnic group. They don't believe in angels or devils. This religion is a Universal Religion. environment • very immobile. No. heaven or hell are not places they are condition of the soul. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Guru's and Pictures ; Interesting Facts and Questions; ... Is this an ethnic or universalizing religion? Ethnic and Universal Religion: Ethnic religions are those religions that associated with a particular ethnic group. As such, Sikhs comprise a number of sub-ethnic groups. universalizing, created to be a universalizing religion, found mainly spread throughout Asia and Africa Started in Iran in 1800s. Ethnic Religions • Appeals to a specific group living in one place • tied to phys. Judaism Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism Type of Religion Ethnic Universalizing Universalizing Ethnic Universalizing Universalizing Hearth Jerusalem Jerusalem Mecca Unknown India or Nepal Punjab Region (India and Pakistan) Founder/Da te Jesus Jesus Muhammad 250 B.C.E. All religions come from the same source. Random Religion or Islam Quiz Can you choose whether each religion is ethnic or universalizing? Help me! Universalizing religion is a religion that is expanding to the world in diffrent kinds of religions. For example, Indians are associated with Hinduism. Sikhism. Who are the founders : Guru Nanak is one of the influential leaders in this religion. Caste is still practiced in the Sikh community, despite Guru Nanak's calls for treating everyone equally in Sri Granth Sahib.