Look how pretty the JSH Cafe Balboa Acai Bowl is. Log food: Sambazon Original Acai Berry Sorbet. It contains no cholesterol and only traces of vitamins and minerals! 5 Minute Low Carb Acai Smoothie April 10, 2018. The carb content is relatively low too, with just six net grams of carbs per … 190 calories. Go for seeds, like hemp or chia seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut and/or chopped nuts. 35 calories. Feb 19 Keto Acai Bowl. Sambazon Low Calorie Acai Berry Pomegranate Amazon Energy Drink. For most people, this means less than 50 net carbs per day. This bowl has no sugar! 1 pack … You’re getting some other flavors too, including almond from the almond butter and almond milk. Log food: Sambazon Tropical Immunity Blend Superfruit Pack Frozen. But I would suggest making it as the recipe is and taste it- if it is too unsugary add some, no problem!! The Sambazon Unsweetened Acai has 0 grams of sugar and is a bit tart - you will probably want to add a little agave for sweetness. You can copy this at home using Sambazon SuperGreens (only 4 grams sugar), lower carb fruit (JSH’s has mango, banana and orange … Keto: net carbs 13g If you are following a ketogenic diet (keto), you need to restrict your daily carbohydrate intake so that your body enters ketosis. … 1 can (12 fl oz) Nutrition Facts. Ketogenic Diet Menu Plan. A great acai bowl … Now that you’ve learned a bit about the ingredients behind this healthy recipe, you’re ready to try it out yourself! (its super healthy anyways!) Overall, even though these aren’t the prettiest bowls, I do really enjoy the acai bowls here and if you like acai, you should definitely come check it out. Net carbs are calculated by subtracting fiber from total carbs. It’s certainly a drink that you could serve to guests. Follow along below: Toasted PB&J with Açaí Chia Jam . Sofia Torre . Prep Time: 10 Minutes | Cook Time: 10 Minutes | Ready In: 20 Minutes | Yield: Serves 4 . While delicious, convenient, and seemingly healthy, smoothies can be high-sugar, high-carb traps (a ketogenic nightmare). Low carb, low sugar.... Almond Butter Acai Bowl . So if you consume sugar regularly I would definitely recommend adding 1 packet or stevia or 1 tbsp of honey o agave, any of those would work great! This recipe, from ketogenicdietmenuplan.com, is another one that you can check out. 40 calories. Another supposed acai advantage is its fiber: There's 1 gram in 8 ounces of Sambazon acai juice. 0.5 cup (107g) Nutrition Facts. It’s a small and relaxing cafe. Then come the toppings. Keto on the go! Coconut oil is vegan and popular in several trending diets like keto and paleo. With it’s close proximity to the water, you’ll find a lot of people coming in after their morning surf or swim and it makes a really great healthy, post-workout snack. *I like Almond Breeze Almond/Coconut Blend, but pure almond or coconut milk works too. However, by using low carb superfood açaí and healthy fat powerhouses like almonds in our smoothies, we can sidestep the problematic smoothie snare. To make a keto-friendly acai bowl, mix acai powder with a half-serving of frozen berries (berries are lower in carbs and sugar than other fruits, and are fine in moderation on a keto diet), unsweetened almond milk, and a fatty item, like coconut cream or avocado, to thicken it up. Let's take a closer look at the headliner of today's featured … Log food: Sambazon Performance Protein Acai Superfruit Pack Frozen. 1 pack (100g) Nutrition Facts. 1 pack (100g) … The purple color of the smoothie means that it looks fantastic in the glass.