Tourist is from different countries with different cultures. The astronauts will stay thirty days in the Mars. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tourismnotes_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_11',125,'0','0']));The development of technology and transportation infrastructure, such as jumbos jets, low-cost airlines, and more accessible airports have made tourism affordable and convenient. less important countries in terms of tourism related activities. These factors and sectors are linked to the provision of the tourist experience and generation of tourism revenue and markets. Political Activities from 2046 B.S. Some of the highest mountain peaks including the world's highest and third highest Mt. Rapid development, over-development, and overcrowding can forever change the physical environment and ecosystems of an area. As tourists like to visit places of cultural significance and soak in the culture of the area, the cultural industry is very important to travel and tourism. There are such things in their culture which are not in ours, like free sex, kissing in the open area, roaming around rude, etc. The people who travel from one place to another within the country for various purposes  are a domestic tourist. It had announced with aggressive target of welcoming about 10 lakes of tourists in Nepal within 2011. The majority of the pilgrimages such as temples, shrines monasteries located in towns and cities and a few of them lie far in remote hilly areas like Gosainkunda, TatoPani, Muktinath, etc. Let’s start by exploring some recreation-based terms that are common in the tourism industry. The tourism industry is very important for the developing country like Nepal but it has created some problems as well. The tourism system can be described in terms of supply and demand. There are many positive and negative cultural impact of tourism. In the context of our country, this industry has got more scope as it is rich in natural and cultural heritages. 5) Unstable Demand: Tourism demand is influenced by seasonal, economic political, and other factors. lie in these ranges. Panoramic views river basins, cave, caverns and lakes of hilly region equally spellbound the tourist. This way Nepal has a great potentiality of tourism development. The cost and benefits of tourism will vary in each destination and can change over time, depending on tourism and other activities in a destination’s local and regional context. Six percent of the national income is derived from the tourism in Nepal. 5 importance and advantages of Tourism - Economic importance and socio-economic benefits of Tourism There are 5 importance of tourism industry . Travel thus became a mean of self – development, and education in its broadest sense. Events play an important part in the tourist attractions and also bring in a lot of income which creates jobs and wealth in the area. These sectors are referred to as travel vendors and their services and goods are called ‘travel products’. Concepts and Meaning of Tourism. Consequences and Effects of First World War, Consequences and Effects of Second World War, Co-operatives and their Economic Importance, Problems in Foreign Employment and Their solutions, Challenges and Opportunities of Foreign Employment in Nepal, International Relation. In the UK, a lot of the attractions are heritage attractions. The following factors have created clean environment for tourist to visit. To provide proper accommodation to the tourist government are concentrated to develop physical infrastructures. These supply-side factors may be under the control of private enterprise, non-profit organizations, and government. After having the food, they throw the plastics and other rubbish which increases pollution. Many people become unemployed during off-seasons and profit goes to overeseas companies. Forms of tourism are following as : Some most important forms of tourism are following as: Tourism can be classified into six distinct categories according to the purpose of travel. Political Activities Between 2017 B.S. The Rome conference on tourism in 1963 defined tourism as ‘ a visit to a country other than one’s own or where one usually resides and works’. For centuries movement of people continued to grow due to the efficiency of transport and the assistance and safety which the people could travel. The spacecrafts are being prepared in Moscow. Since travel and tourism industry is an agglomeration of too many sectors that promote travel related services. five cores and 60 lakhs. For example when a tourist from Indian origin travels to Japan then it is  Inbound tourism for Japan because foreign tourist comes to Japan. Tourism generates foreign exchange for the country and injects capital and new money into the local economy. We can develop good habits such as cleanliness taking hygienic food, learning new languages and broaden our outlook. Tourism has various forms on the basis of the purpose of visit and alternative forms. In this chapter, we discuss the concept of recreation in tourism and hospitality. The tourist product covers the complete experience of a visit to a particular place. You can find us in almost every social media platforms. Improved waste management can be achieved. Ban on Political Parties & Socio-Economic Achievements from 2007-2017 B.S. Increase the chances of job and industries and trade can develop well. Yes, I have met many tourist moving across the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square and Pokhara. Due to the influence of western culture, Local culture disappears. The importance of community involvement for sustainable tourism. Community smaller than society. However, the developments of rails, roads, steamships, automobiles, and airplanes helped to spread technology across the globe. A tourism product includes five main components such as physical plant, services, hospitality, freedom of choice, and a sense of involvement. Reasons for the Rise and Fall of the Panchayati System. Promotes globalization of our culture and its exchanges. Tourism can contribute to the economic growth of a country in the followings ways: It creates a large number of jobs among direct services providers (such as hotel, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, guide and tour escorts, etc.)