Fabric trims come in literally thousands of unique styles, including rhinestones, animal prints, tassels, lace, ribbons, beading, burlap, jute and so much more. Experiment with different looks so you can have one for every activity or outfit. Obviously, it has to be tie-dye! Make your totes trendy and expressive when you use a single word or phrase as the focal point of the design. This is an easy project that makes a fun girls' night activity. Each one takes only a few minutes. Using iron-on transfer paper lets you add almost any design to a tote bag. Adorn your blank tote bags with iron-on patches, embroidery and lettering to create unique designs for holidays, special occasions and everyday wear. Nov 14, 2020 - Blank Totes, Canvas Totes, DIY Tote Bag, Market Bag Decorate. Make sure you’re stocked up on high-quality yet affordable wholesale canvas tote bags from our store so that you can tackle all these designs without breaking the bank. They’re often used as special donation incentives, giveaways and personalized gift bags for brides, customers and trade show attendees. There are few fashion accessories that can’t be brightened up with some metallic sew-on studs. Your email address will not be published. Our rule: the more textures the better! Cross stitching is an amazing skill, but it does provide some limitations for those who are keen on wearable works of art. Allow the adhesive to dry. Now for the fun part! Spray the wrong side of the fabric with spray adhesive and firmly adhere it to the tote bag, smoothing out any air bubbles as you work. Step 3. Why wasn't this page useful? Lift the lace up in one smooth motion to reveal the lacy design. You can create a DIY ombré tote in no time flat by using your favorite fabric paint in various gradients, starting with a darker tone at the bottom and finishing with a lighter shade at the top. Space tassels apart for a. or add one or two near the handles for a trendy finishing touch. Layer different colors and fabric textures to create the appearance of a ruffled skirt and top things off with fun, fabric florals and bows. Your email address will not be published. Choose a patterned ribbon for a fun look or a solid color for a more classic appearance. We recommend using unadorned recycled cotton tote bags for sewing, since they’re easy to penetrate with a needle and provide a woven base that’ll work well with a wide variety of sewn-on accoutrements. Mimic complex embroidery, kaleidoscopic designs and floral patterns with this textured paint. You can also use pinking shears to finish the edges instead of Fray Check if you want that decorative zigzag look. Once you’ve mastered at-home screen printing (or you’re in good with a printer who you trust), it’s time to try your hand at creating custom, personalized tote bags for gifts and special events. The tote bag is perhaps one of today’s most versatile accouterments: it carts your groceries, gym gear and odds and ends from point A to point B, and when properly adorned, it can be a fashion statement that’s memorable and unique. Fold it in half so the short sides are together. We've rounded up even more sewing tutorials, decorating ideas, and an amazing crocheted tote bag. Please help us improve. This super-simple method lets you create one-of-a-kind designs in bold, exciting colors with little effort, time or tools. We’re particularly fond of iron-on letters, since they create a clean look without the mess associated with paint and the time associated with hand-sewing. You can also add a simple flower to your tote. Of course, you can pair your ombré tote with more super-trendy embellishments, like tassels and pom-poms. Try gingham, florals, stripes, and more. Let's talk about 21 ways to Make and Decorate Totebags. It's an easy project that yields gorgeous results. It's best if the art covers most of the tote bag.