If you found this article helpful, make sure to take my physique quiz below to discover the very best training … 5) Perform a direct hamstring workout once every 4-7 days. Particularly, if you’re sat down for most of the day as over time this will actually shorten your hamstrings! The hamstrings are often neglected in training programmes - sacrificed for quad and booty gains. I grew up playing basketball and realized very quickly that weak hamstrings … Researchers studied the effects of hamstring training on elite soccer players and gave one group of them specific hamstring training (using the lying leg curl machine), and the other group no extra hamstring training. The addition of lying leg curls increased sprint speed and decreased risk of suffering a hamstring … Build Mass and Definition in Your Hamstrings Exercise 1 – Wide Stance Squats – 3 Sets – 12, 10, 8 Reps Squats are the king of all the leg exercises and we won’t miss utilizing it in our hams workout. 4) Utilize 8-10 reps on hip extension exercises and about 5-7 reps on knee flexion exercises. Hamstring Workout: Best Hamstring Exercises For Mass (Weak Point Training) I think that the hamstrings are the most underrated muscle group in the body. However, in order to ensure muscular balance, it's vital to incorporate exercises that work your hamstrings into your workout.