International Bilingual Montessori School. Receive the IamExpat Weekly and Special Offers from our Partners, For expats of all colours, shapes & sizes, International School of Düsseldorf facebook, International School of Düsseldorf twitter, International School of Düsseldorf youtube. Averaged annual fees (Grades 1 to 8): €15,400. Find the Perfect International School for you. Founded in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor and pedagogue, the IMSD uses "Montessori material" to build mental and manual skills as well as develop self-esteem, order and respect. Looking for an international school in Germany for your child or children? This site uses cookies in order to provide you with the best possible service. HIS believes that education is the key to individuals becoming responsible global citizens. Schule Schloss Salem draws upon the rich Judeao-Christian and humanistic traditions of Europe and aspires to build characters who are able and willing to take on responsibility for themselves and others. Berlin Bilingual School offers high-quality, affordable education for English-German and other multi-lingual children. A bilingual private school, BilinGO teaches German and English as native languages while following the official curriculum of North Rhine-Westphalia. Teaching is based on the Berlin state curriculum and supplemented with international aspects. Performance-based assessments ensure that all students are taught at a level that is challenging yet attainable. The school has a diverse community of students and teachers that practice the highest standards of rigour in teaching and learning. ThIS is the only international school in the State of Thuringia. SIS Kassel is committed to instilling clear conceptual, economic, organisational and social principles in their students, in order to prepare them to meet the challenges of today's world. TIMS is an English school with two age groups: 3-6 years and 1-3 years. At SIS Berlin, children from preschool through to secondary school benefit from a consistently billingual school model. IKEA launches “Buy-Back Friday” in Germany, Six German universities named among world's most prestigious institutions, 6 celebrities you didn’t know could speak German, November 2020: 8 changes affecting expats in Germany, Germany extends coronavirus restrictions into January. In addition, school-leavers are supported in making the transition from school to vocational training or university in Germany. The ISHR's mission is to deliver an international education within a creative and caring environment to enable students to become life-long learners and open-minded, compassionate citizens. It is possible to measure one school against another by its average IBDP points scored by its entire cohort. At Accadis International School, internationality, foreign languages, scientific foundation, practice-orientation and personality development thread their way into all areas of learning. They are all part of the worldwide network of the Schools: Partners for the Future initiative (PASCH). ISF International School Frankfurt-Rhein-Main. The mission at LIS is to provide an excellent international education in English. The QBES is a public primary school with a special focus on billingual education. The school's curriculum promotes modern and relevant learning and caters to a full spectrum of talents, interests and aspirations. Munich International School twitter At the Phorms campus in Frankfurt, students are given a truly billingual education. The Association of German International Schools (AGIS) represents and supports the educational and public interest of member schools and their communities by promoting and improving international education. Teaching 500 pupils, the Obermayr school provides a billingual education throughout all stages of school, from secondary modern to grammar to upper secondary. They offer students an academically-rigorous and balanced educational experience. The International School Campus aspires to become a leader in 21st-century international education. There are currently 84 IB schools in Germany. European Culinary Arts Academies. St. George's has three core values - inspire, value and grow - that it instills in its pupils to educate and develop them throughout their formative years.