The first is obvious; French Oak Barrels are make from oak produced in France. Add to quote. We offer our House Selection barrels—a Bordeaux Export and a Burgundy Export— in four basic toast profiles. Cognac Ex-White Wine French Oak Barrel $ 408.00 Add to cart. Oak from the northern forests, which lie along the same line of latitude as some of the great forests in France, offer a unique and elegant flavor profile. New 200L/53 Gallon French Oak, Cooper’s Select 24 Month Oak $ 885.00 Add to cart Price per barrel is $550.00 plus the cost of shipping via freight. French Oak Barrels. The second is more subtle but is a result of the first difference – oak grown, and harvested, in France imparts different flavour qualities. Oak from the Appalachian regions shows a more classic American oak character. There are two main differences between French and American oak barrels. To ensure barrels of the highest quality, we source oak from the ancient forests throughout northern and central France, and staves from our family-run French stave mill partners.