GAME CHANGER is a fully electric commercial smoker, with electric heat and smoking units. The many benefits of our H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker is staggering in any commercial application. Building smokers that will exceed your expectations. Vertical Offset Smokers; Best Propane Smoker; 5 Best Commercial Pellet Smoker and Grills Reviews 2020. This completely flameless system is extremely safe and comes in a very compact form factor. Affordability. We use the highest quality materials, and an experienced team dedicated to providing only the best. In dire need of a commercial pellet smoker for your expanding barbecue business? Our cookers are designed to hold rock solid temperatures for the duration of any size cook you can throw at it. We strive to provide the most affordable, versatile, and user friendly products on the market! Stop here because this article is all you need to read! Walton's offers several standard smokehouses all from Pro Smoker Smokehouses. Learn More. Whether it’s the gas assist, touch screen control panel to store recipes and cook times, low maintenance or just the overall ease of use. You can find a few of the models we offer below. Quality is #1. Learn More. September 13, 2020 by Mario Batali. Ordinary pellet smokers cannot sustain the incoming demand for food in restaurants or food trucks. Commercial smokers are not the same as a backyard grill… Make sure you try your best to use all the functions correctly. H2O Rotisserie Smokers Changing the commercial BBQ Industry. The premier builders of the finest Insulated Vertical Reverse Flow Smokers. If you need a larger smokehouse, we have even larger smokehouse that can hold multiple trucks and thousands of pounds of meat for each smoke cycle. Use your meat probe to test everything out. Hand crafted in Macon, Georgia, USA, our smokers, grills, custom trailers and hog cookers are 100% made in America. Learn More. Commercial smokers work by heating wet wood chips until they smoke, which cooks the meat to perfection and creates the smoky flavors that we associate with an open fire or grill. The Vertical Pellet Smoker has a range of 150 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, covering slow smoking to baking temperatures. Because these restaurant smokers are meant to be used indoors, they are perfect for establishments that are short on space. If you need a larger smokehouse or a fully automated smokehouse, please use our contact form or live chat to request … We are utilizing a patented electric smoke generators, which delivers precise, consistent, and repeatable smoke. If you’ve been cooking on grills or other charcoal smokers, like me, then using an indoor smoker is a bit different.