degree options and guide you through every step of the college selection and enrollment process. If you know early on that you may want to go into management, business development, or are considering starting your own consulting firm down the road, getting this perspective will be invaluable later in your career. Why are you no longer enjoy your role? I don’t find the work interesting and don’t see any options or career moves within engineering that would excite me. In 2018, the BLS determined that civil engineering technicians received $52,580 in median annual wages. Personally, I know of no engineers who’ve gone the other way. Stay up to date with progressions in the industry and get help with finding work again by becoming a member of The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE). Structural engineers must be analytical, detail-oriented, and creative, in addition to having strong interpersonal and communication skills. Before I founded Engineers Rising LLC, I worked as a structural engineer. This infographic from illustrates the typical career path for engineers in the UK, starting with the subjects studied at school and continuing through the different positions and salaries grads can expect to attain. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( predicts that the need for new infrastructure and maintenance of existing infrastructure will generate strong future demand for the services of civil engineers. Find the right school and build a personalized Education Plan with help from an independent advisor. Based on my own experience and in talking to other engineers who went this path, you should be aware that many architecture firms treat the engineering department as an ugly stepchild. 28 Nov 2020 accessed. They must ensure that buildings do not collapse, vibrate, twist or bend. Petroleum Engineer. Licensing is also required in every state. I went this route immediately after college (before going to option #1 above three years in). No one – not your peers, your manager, or employer – expects you to stay in the same role (or even the same firm) for your entire career. You have a lot of options. It's free! Proficiency with computer-aided drafting software applications integral to structural engineering, such as AutoCAD and RISA, is essential, as are excellent computer skills and familiarity with other commonly-used word processing and spreadsheet programs., 15 Sep 2019 published. I have never been invited to so many owner meetings in my life, which once again is awesome exposure to not just what architects want, but what clients want too. Many engineers start with the pre-conception that they have limited options. Still others have knacks for specific soft-skill areas such as business development, developing leaders, mentoring, or public speaking. Civil Engineer Career. And of course, you'll have other career options. In those cases, it’s likely time to explore an alternate option than the one you are currently traveling. 4. Aspirants for a career in Structural engineering should first acquire a B.E/B.Tech in Civil/Mechanical engineering from a reputed institution and then go for a M.E/M.Tech in Structural Engineering. If you love research or teaching, and don’t mind bureaucracy this is a great path for you. Retrieved from Can you start doing more of those immediately? Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Construction Engineering Technologies, General, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Afterwards, you'll have the option to speak to an independent Career breaks are possible once you're qualified. You’ll find all types of engineering personalities here. (2019, Sep 15 of publication). You’d also need to get good at writing grants and be OK with the bureaucracy prevalent throughout higher education. Structural engineering is considered a specialty of civil engineering, but while civil engineers may design roadways, tunnels, dams, and bridges, a structural engineer ensures that specific architectural components such as beams, foundations, columns, and floors are structurally sound. For civil engineers, this includes working at a DOT (Department of Transportation), a local municipality, or even NASA. You are required to have a PE sign off on your work experience in order to sit for the licensure exam, so if you go into a non-design option in which your manager is not a PE, finding PE references can be extremely difficult. In the construction industry, many large institutional clients such as oil and gas companies, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and universities have their own in-house engineering departments to handle or oversee their engineering needs. There are plenty of ways to both make sure your business is viable and learn the skills you’ll need to do well as an entrepreneur while you are working as an employee, but that’s a discussion for another blog. These technicians assist structural and other civil engineers in designing and building infrastructure elements, such as roads and utilities.