Shivashankari Sivananthan Colombo, SRILANKA - Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 22:03:06 (PDT) "Ball lightning is a well-documented phenomenon in the sense that it has been seen and consistently described by people in all walks of life since the time of the ancient Greeks. The only explanation I can give is ball lightning. @snejok86. Look at this glowing orb crossing railway tracks… What the heck is that? The latest scientific study to take a stab at the ball lightning phenomenon was published this month in Optik, a scientific journal devoted to the research of optics, light, and electrons. Some theories suggest ball lightning, pictured, is a … "A crucial proof of any theory of ball lightning would be if the theory could be used to make ball lightning. The phenomenon of ball lightning has generally been described as being a luminous sphere that appears during or after a thunderstorm. In "Voyager," the third major novel in Diana Gabaldon 's popular Outlander series , the primary characters experience St. Elmo's fire while lost at sea in a thunderstorm between Hispaniola and coastal Georgia . In this current research, Vladimir Torchigin from the Russian Academy of Sciences claims that ball lightning isn’t lightning … Image via David M. Friday et. Intense light was emitted for about three seconds before flickering out. #ufo #ufos #ufosighting #ufology #ufollowme_th #ufo361 #ufoキャッチャー #ufocatcher #koufonissi #ufood #ufora #uforacollagen #ufop #ufoodhk #uforia ♬ оригинальный звук – snejok86 The phenomenon as described, however, is more similar to ball lightning. Severe static was heard on the radio. This strange phenomenon looks like ball lightning. "The ball lightning phenomenon was very large and estimated to be about the size of a bus. al / BBC . This phenomenon is often called ball lightning and in the clip this unexplained and potentially dangerous atmospheric electrical phenomenon can be seen floating several centimetres above a railway line. Since the phenomenon seemed to have floated through the glass of my windows as far as I can tell. Series of images showing the creation of a ball-lightning-like phenomenon in a laboratory. It’s rare and unpredictable, which is why researchers don’t know much about it. As it passes over the metal tracks electricity can be seen to arc to the tracks and the pylons of the overhead power lines. Ball lightning is a lightning phenomenon that happens during thunderstorms. While we are familiar with lightning, ball lightning is a rare and incredibly unique phenomenon that is said to be experienced by an estimated 1 in 150 people around the world. Claim: A video documents a rare "globular bolt," or "sphere lightning," as it crosses a train track. It was a brilliant yellow-green transparent ball with a fuzzy outline.