The Audix OM2 is 50Hz – 16kHz, while the SM58 is 50Hz – 15kHz. Sort: Clear All. We are musicians ourselves and share your passion for making it. Audix OM6 — vs — Shure Beta 58A. carlo lomanto . Nichts! Condenser mic vs. Dynamic mic. ? The proximity effect is very good controlled so your low end will not change that much with singers that move a lot. Before we get into the Audix OM5 vs. Shure Beta 58A, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place!! ... Audix OM6 — vs — Shure Beta 58A. Differences. 8 customers have given this product a 4-star rating. It's Good for live use and the studio. Online Guides. Contact Us. I have owned mine for 4 or 5 years now. €223.28 . $259. It gives you a lot of smooth details on high end that condenser mics do. Apart from the shop, you can discover a wide variety of additional things - forums, apps, blogs, and much more. The Audix OM2 is black, while the Shure SM58 is black and silver. As a company, we have a single objective: making you, our customer, happy. Alternatively, please feel free to use our accounts on social media such as Facebook or Twitter to get in touch. Show all. My Audix OM6 sounds alot like a Shure SM57, but with less low end. Our expert departments and workshops allow us to offer you professional advice and rapid maintenance and repair services. Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog Session. PDF . Online Guides. The Audix OM2 is Hypercardioid, while the SM58 is Cardioid. Dynamic Microphones. One customer has given this product a 3-star rating. Dynamic microphones are the basic tools of live sound and play an important role in every recording studio. We have a wide variety of pages giving information and enabling you to contact us before and after your purchase. Downloads Show all. carlo lomanto. Portal dla Wokalistów. Downloads. Polar Pattern. Show all. Back to Product List. Related Products . It is not perfectly linear so it will require some EQing (especially on low-mid range) to get the sound you want but that could be said for all mics in general. Dynamic microphones are the basic tools of live sound and play an important role in every recording studio. Manual. What is a Cardioid capsule? Audix OM6 Mic 2017 Unboxing & Full Review How Spot The Fake, Audix OM 6 - Musik Messe Frank­furt 2015 r. News, Suitable for live and recording applications, Dynamic hypercardioid capsule provides a clear and clean source recording with high gain before feedback, Our most popular Dynamic Allround Microphones, Audix Dynamic Allround Microphones at a glance, Display Dynamic Allround Microphones from £ 160 - £ 200, Go to product group Dynamic Allround Microphones, Go to product group Instrument Microphones. Manual. Rückkopplung: Ich glaubs fast nicht, aber ich habe das OM6 einmal direct in die Monitorbox gehalten. As OM7 this OM6 mic is also very resistant to feedback so you can push the monitors quite hard with it. carlo lomanto . Print Email. Gesang und Sprache setzt sich wesentlich besser im Bandmix durch. Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass Bit Crusher, Produces 80s-style lo-fi sounds reminiscent of early arcade games, home consoles and home computers, Reduces the sample rate from 48 kHz to 110 Hz, which leads to reduced audio quality... Thomann 12H Concert Ocarina AC Roses C3 Alto, size: 18.5 cm, tuning: C major, professional range: a1-f3, incl. No customer has written a text about this; or they have written a text in a different language. Kein Pfeifen oder Brummen. Great mic for live sound. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. Show all. Make Offer - Shure BLX2/B58 Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter with BETA 58A Capsule Audix OM6 Dynamic Microphone Capsule for Shure Wireless RF Handheld Transmitter $175.00 Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, which puts them in the perfect position to help you with everything from your choice of instruments to maintenance and repair issues. Do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or unacceptable for some reason? Dynamic microphones are the basic tools of live sound and play an important role in every recording studio. test results: Read review. The sound from this microphone is very good. Of these, 8 customers have written no texts or given their feedback in another language. This also affects the price - to our customers' benefit, of course. Payment can be made safely and securely with Credit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal. I bought the Audix OM6, after buying and returning an EV mic that really, really sucked.