Through a federation of 50 state trucking associations, affiliated conferences and individual members, ATA is the leading voice of the industry that America depends on most to move our nation’s freight. What are the causes? What do you need to do to avoid a ‘nuclear verdict” based on ineffective data management and discipline? If you have safety and HR at your company, you should be attending the SSHR conference. Awards: Truck Safety Contest – General Commodities LTL  and Flatbed Divisions, Awards Sponsored by: Great West Casualty Company, Commissioner William J. Bratton We'll prove Insights from industry and litigation experts on deactivating the nuclear elements of your case. Chairman Homeland Security Advisory Council – Active, Live Security Awards Presentation: 2019 Security Excellence Award & 2019 Claims and Loss Prevention – Truckload & LTL  Awards: Truck Safety Contest – General Commodities Truckload and Tank Truck Divisions, Awards​ Sponsored by Great West Casualty Company. The virtual #SSHR20 program provides you with the latest safety, security and HR training and educational sessions to help you and your team deepen your knowledge of the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of accidents and making the workplace safer and more secure. The panel will discuss the impacts on how legalization and decriminalization of marijuana will affect federal regulations, future detection methods and your operation. Stay abreast of what’s happening in the industry – check out the schedule below and get registered today! Hindes will close with a passionate call for building a, “Wow Factor Workplace.”, John Hahn, Captain, Hazardous Materials Section, Colorado State Police. In the transportation industry, employees are uniquely positioned with a heightened degree of exposure to potentially disruptive and traumatic events because there are so many variables beyond the control of the driver and fleet operations. Learn from Captain John Hahn of the Colorado State Patrol on the future of hemp transportation from law enforcement perspective. Technology continues to evolve the way motor carriers conduct business and apply safe practices within their organization. Jeff Ferber, Manager, Security, ABF Freight; Mike Martin, Security Manager, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.; Tazten W. Starnes, Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations, DHS, Tim Cardwell, Domestic Highway Enforcement, Deputy National Coordinator, National HIDTA Assistance Center. The panel will have an open and informative dialogue, talking about the benefits and pain points to ensure motor carriers are maintaining the necessary compliance to enhance safety in their fleets. The Threat — what you don’t know CAN hurt you. The principles outlined in this presentation are true game-changers in the lives of Safety and Human Resource professionals and the people they lead. What does jury research show to be the impact of the pandemic on these attitudes? Former LAPD Police Chief In these two sessions, dive into case studies on what motor carriers are doing to take advantage of security technology and listen to a panel of industry experts on the upcoming trends in transportation security. What does the EEOC mean when they intend to eliminate barriers to employment? Nothing is more important to our industry than safety, and to work with like-minded people who have the same issues that we have day in day out is invaluable. Lisa Gonnerman, Vice President, Transport America. David Widly, President & Chief Executive Officer, DriverFacts; David Yessen, Division Chief, Compliance, FMCSA. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the latest actionable content to address common industry challenges geared towards keeping your company safe and secure, accessible from the convenience of your home or office. Trucks are regular targets for dealers to move large amounts of illegal products domestically and across borders. - Michael Quiroga, Chief Revenue Officer, Asylon. Influence government policies that advance the interests of the trucking industry. Timothy Hindes, Chief Executive Officer, Stay Metrics, Stay Metrics co-founder, Tim Hindes, will speak about current driver capacity and answer the question every fleet owner wants to hear: Why do drivers leave? We are working on developing a plan to provide our sponsors with virtual opportunities! Presented by Mark Landry, Chairman, Transportation Security Council, Bill Kanasky Jr., Ph. The Top Conference for Safety, Security, and HR Professionals in Trucking ATA’s Safety Management Council’s and Transportation Security Council’s Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference has moved to a virtual event that will now take place November 30 – December 4. 1+2�2�0N`�b4ab�c�d�Ԑb`+���Po��������� ��&��b@� �a�e`R���`g`Z7 *��L'9��� pM endstream endobj 20 0 obj <>>> endobj 21 0 obj <. Join a panel of industry experts to hear them discuss the first year of the Clearinghouse with its unique and common experiences for drivers, carriers, MROs and C-TPAs. Gain insights from experts, including the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) President and COO Rebecca Brewster who shares and provides insight on the recent ATRI study on “Nuclear Verdicts”. ATA’s Safety Management Council’s and Transportation Security Council’s Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference has moved to a virtual event that will now take place November 30 – December 4. In this session, discover what motor carrier security professionals are doing to prevent contraband movement in their fleets and learn how you can work with law enforcement to stop the movement of illegal goods. Harold Sumerford, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, J&M Tank Lines, ATA First Vice Chairman, Lisa Gonnerman, Vice President, Safety & Security, Transport America, Safety Management Council Chair, Mark Landry, Senior Manager – Corporate Strategic Security, FedEx Freight, Transportation Security Council Chair, Elisabeth Barna, Executive Vice President, Industry Affairs & Senior Advisor to the President, American Trucking Associations, Chair: Lisa Gonnerman, Vice President, Safety & Security, Transport America, Doug Marcello, Attorney, Marcello & Kivisto, LLC. Staying at the forefront of safety technology and making full use of the products, systems and data only bolsters a motor carrier’s ability to maintain a safe operation. In addition, the presentation will seek to provide acute insights regarding early intervention response mechanisms that have proven to be effective tools in improving stay-at-work/return-to-work outcomes, enhancing post-event employee retention, and improve participation in the claims process. With the threats to your operation, your fleet, and your cargo constantly evolving, it is of the utmost importance that you as a security professional continue to raise the baseline of your operations security. Sam Faucette, Vice President Safety Compliance, Old Dominion Freight Line. In this session, learn from industry expert Scott Cornell on ways to protect your cargo, vet brokers, and deter thieves from attacking your operation. The Safety Doctor will identify these systemic ailments, provide examples based upon your industry or environment, and prescribe the antidotes to help you recognize and cure the problems in your organization. There are a lot of benefits that come out of the conference including being involved in the committees, networking, getting to know the regulators, and being part of the conversation. Events - 2020 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition - American Trucking Association - - … We know how important it is for our Council communities to get together to connect and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in our industry. Melissa Pointer, Employment Compliance Coordinator, Prime. These types of cargo theft involve the use of fraud and deceptive information intended to trick shippers, brokers, and carriers into giving the load to the bad guys instead of the legitimate carrier. We have designed our program with specific tracks for safety topics, security topics, and HR topics to help your team quickly identify sessions of most interest to attend.