Any solutions? Ok, I'm going to try and explain this. I have to actually Ctrl-Alt_del to get out of the program. They used to work on this game and now they don't. Fully managed intelligent database services. - Excel, How To Enter Data Then Move Automatically To New Cell? Firefox works fine. Once I click on one cell I can't stop the highlighting from happening. I have 2 client pc's running office 365 and randomly during extensive Excel usage their pages will almost freeze/lock up and their arrow keys no longer move between cells. After clicking on a cell, if I move the mouse at all (even without pressing the left button) it just continues highlighting cells no matter where I move the mouse. The math was correct it showed 542 in the C1 cell. I typed in values for column A rows 1 through 10 then values for column B rows 1 through 10. then in column C, I made the formula C1=A1/B1. I recently moved into a new office and I am using a brand new computer on our network. For some reason or other my up and down arrow keys will not work . Arrow keys do scroll on chrome extension pages on web store, not anywhere else, though when I return form achrome extension tab the "normal" website tabs arrow keys work for like 1 sec and then not. Also I have contents in one cell that I need to break apart is there a formula for that too? At row 4 pressing the down arrow will move the cursor to row 3 (up). I searced the help and the net an came up with nothing. However, clicking in the top most cell and pressing the down arrow on the keyboard will move the cursor down one row only 3 times. a column) or do I have to go through all the cells individually? Once the issue occurs the end user must change tabs or workbooks & return to the original workbook in order to continue working. For instance, the formula in C2 is =A2/B2 however the value of that cell showed 542 which was not the correct math/value. The keys do work on other games and reading pages, just not the game. I have a workbook that is having an issue with drop down menu's. Connect and engage across your organization. I find the properties of, when I type a number or letter into a cell and then press enter the cursor. I'm working on a speadsheet that has thousands of line items with lots of great information, but not in the fields I need them to be in. So I dragged that formula down and it showed 542 in all column C cells which is not correct. The download link for the file has been sent to the email you provided. - Excel, Locking And Unlocking Cells Based On Value In Another Cell - Excel, Fixing Cells ($) For Multiple Cells - Excel, Formula To Identify Upward Or Downward Trending.... - Excel, Can I Lock An Object In Place, So It Stays When User Scrolls? However, I recently went into a spreadsheet to update it and was unable to select and enter data into an individual cell. I often use if statements to return empty cells, for example: Issue With Excel Locking Up, Mouse Clicks Not Working, Duplicate Keypress Events - Excel, Can't Enter Any Data, Please Help. The only way I have found is with a VBA macro that loops through every cell, tests for '.Value = "" ' and then uses the '.Clear()' function, but doing this on 30 columns x 10000 rows is far too slow. The drop down list does not appear. Video Hub I have 2 client pc's running office 365 and randomly during extensive Excel usage their pages will almost freeze/lock up and their arrow keys no longer move between cells. In Excel there is a difference between cells that are blank (= "") and that are empty. When we right click on the worksheet and select Move or Copy, we are able to check the box to make a copy, but when we click OK nothing happens. Is there a formula to move for example cell contents A26 to B25 and D26 to F27? Just noticed the problem this morning. I'm sure this is something simple, but I don't know that much about this program. You can customize the status bar to show when Scroll Lock is on. I am having to use the touchpad to select a different cell which is driving me nuts, Posted in I have a related problem in that the arrow keys are working as if the scroll-lock is ON, ( which I found that it WAS) but I have now turned the scroll-lock OFF and yet arrow keys still scroll the page instead of moving the highlighted/current cell. When trying to edit an existing file, I'm not able to select a single cell and type. on Maybe I'm not wording it correctly, but I'd appreciate the help. If you don't see it, check your spam or promotions folder. Hi there! I will click on a cell to add information. I can't even click on anything in the toolbar. I am going to have 5 data points in cells such as A2:A6, I have searched and read all the help files. We have a workbook that does not allow us to use the Move or Copy command. You can make blank cells empty by selecting them and pressing the delete key, but I need a fast way to do this on all blank cells in a large worksheet. Empowering technologists to achieve more by humanizing tech. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn. I've been using Excel for years and had very few issues. I've tried pressing shift+enter but I can't get it! Please note this is not he scroll lock issue where it changes the arrows from moving between cells to moving the whole page. Not sure if anyone else as encountered this issue. When I click in a cell the little drop down arrow appears and when I go to click on the drop down arrow nothing happens. When I click on a cell and try to enter #s nothing happens (my num lock is on). I've got a worksheet with 10 unlocked cells in a column, all other cells on the sheet are locked and the sheet is protected. The most common cause for arrow keys not working in Excel is scroll lock being enabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. September 22, 2020. Hello, Not sure if anyone else as encountered this issue. And when I went to check to see if the formula was correctly dragged it was. ), Client Error - Arrow keys don't move between cells (Not Scroll Lock Issue), Re: Client Error - Arrow keys don't move between cells (Not Scroll Lock Issue), What's new in Office Scripts for Excel on the web, Increase your productivity with Office Add-ins.