Warm Up Routine. 1. Updated 3:23 AM ET, Wed September 30, 2020 ... from the calves all the way up to the upper back muscles, will … Set up the standing calf machine at about 50% of the weight you would normally use for a set … Try this quick 5 minute calf workout at home. Video. Sumo Calve raises (x2) to jump squat x 5. You may also like. They flex and “pop” every time you walk across the room. Health and fitness coach Lani Muelrath recommends this two-part energizing exercise to stretch and strengthen your calf muscles. 5 Minute AMRAP. Calves are among the more visible muscle groups, drawing a lot of attention and glances when well developed. Dead Swing to Low Squat Calve Raises (x4) x 5… 2. Reduce back pain with this 5-minute home workout. Calf Workout #2: Stretches and Holds. By Stephanie Mansour, CNN. 5-Minute Fitness: Calf Raises for Leg Strength. Enjoy your 5 Minute Fat Burning workout for legs and calves! HASfit’s calves exercise and calves workout can be done without any equipment. 10 Min Destroyer Calf Workout – HASfit Calf Workouts – Calf Muscle Exercises – Calves Exercises. If you want to improve the shape or muscle tone of your lower legs, here’s a 5 minute calves workout … The calf exercises are for both men and women. Cool Down & Stretching Workout Breakdown. Total time required-3.5 minutes for 4 sets & 5.5 minutes for 6 sets.